Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aryan Guard Had Planned to Set Up a Paramilitary Camp?

Okay, so the headline for this article might be a bit melodramatic. We'll explain.

Not surprisingly, the murder of Eugène Terre'Blanche has set off the racist set, including here at home. That Terre'Blanche's death MAY have been the result of him raping a male teen worker on his farm after having plied him with alcohol (an accusation also being made by a young white member of Terre'Blanche's own AWB) seems to be of little concern. Smear campaign, propaganda, Jewish conspiracy yadda yadda yadda. Nothing all that original from their side, so we'll move on.

Terre'Blanchewas a significant figure in the racist movement not only in South Africa, but as a figure revered and respected by his fellow travelers internationally, in large part because of the AWB was essentially a paramilitary organization who's members received training in AWB camps. A lot of boneheads want to emulate Terre'Blanche's efforts:

Well, if John Marleau is to be believed, the Aryan Guard tried to establish such a camp in Canada, presumably in Alberta:

Now we know the organizational skills of the Aryan Guard was, and is more so now, limited at best. In fact, we doubt the planning ever moved much beyond drunken ramblings about how cool it would be to start paramilitary training in preparation for Rahowa. Still, it does give one pause for thought when Marleau considers these people to be heroes and martyrs for the cause:

And also consider that members (and former members) of the Aryan Guard had somewhat of a gun fetish:

We don't think for a moment that these clowns would be able to overthrow a school board meeting, but given the pipe bomb incident in November 2009, as well as the assaults that Aryan Guard members have engaged in, we can't exactly say that these people weren't dangerous to individuals.


AuntieFa said...

Giving boneheads "paramilitary training" doesn't equate a crack force of stormtroopers, though I would imagine they fancy themselves freedom fighting commandos (the heroic, swashbuckling kind). Military units have discipline, respect and unity, something that's lacking in bonehead circles. All they will ever be are nutjobs with guns and a chip on their shoulders. All training them will accomplish is perhaps giving them the tools to induce further stupidity on their part.

Anonymous said...

My initial thought when reading this was that this was the intentions of the western canada for us scheme, but that pre dates the AG. Most likely it is the remenants of what was the concept of WCFU circulating in the AG except members would not cough up the dough neccessary for such a project,though Marleu's comments point out that this issue most likely fed splits in the AG, what with the comment on certain members not being able to handle "real activism" which is quite an ironic criticism of late.....

keep up the good work ARC!

SoupCan man said...

marleau couldnt even run a fat camp. maybe he is planning on raiding tim hortons.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or arent these soldiers for the white race looking quite malnourished. Sorry Marleau, but in order to be a strong successful unit you're probably going to have to start sharing with your fellow comrades istead of hording it for yourself. They are looking a little to skinny to be fight the so called RAHOWA

Anonymous said...

John Marleau stole mah cheeseburger. :(

Anonymous said...

Any word on McKee?

Anonymous said...

*"Any word on McKee?"


McKee was appently seen downtown Calgary in Mid-April. He make bail?