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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Justin Long Served Trespassing Notice

We just received this information so we can't report on the details, but it seems that the Yellow Vesters in Hamilton might (and I stress "might") being made accountable for the violence they've been engaging in:
Justin Long was served a trespassing notice today from Hamilton City Hall. He and all the Yellow Vests left. This happens two weeks after his mother was arrested for assault on a man at city Hall and Justin was involved.
The source is referring to an incident two weeks ago in which Rebecca Long kicked a counter-protester in the head. The victim had just been thrown down into traffic allegedly by her son Justin Long who had been the organizer of the weekly Yellow Vests protests:

UPDATE: We have a video that was recorded when they were served.

Update: It has been confirmed that Yellow Vests were served a no trespassing notice, via Justin Long.

From CBC:

Hamilton bylaw officials have issued two trespassing notices under a new bylaw aimed at discouraging yellow vest wearers and groups such as the Soldiers of Odin and Proud Boys. 
The city confirmed Monday that it issued two notices on the weekend under the new bylaw aimed at "safe and inclusive public city spaces." The matter is before the courts, said Martin Dambeau, the city's corporate security specialist. So the city won't release many details. 
"Events that led to the issuance of notices resulted in a response by Hamilton Police Service," Dambeau said in an email statement. The city wouldn't say if the notices were to yellow vest wearers or the people protesting them. Photos and video posted to social media appeared to show Dambeau talking to the yellow vest group. 
Its spokesperson, Justin Long, wouldn't talk about whether any of them got a trespassing notice. "I don't want to speak to the media," he said Monday. "Every time I do I get smeared and misquoted." 

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