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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Faith Goldy: The Female Misogynist

I never engaged with Faith Goldy in any way until a few months ago when this happened:

After Goldy began following me, I felt I would be rude if I didn't return the favor. It was then when I started commenting on her tweets providing some, shall we say alternative perspectives?

Wednesday morning as some far-right members of the Toronto Chinese-Canadian community (a small minority, mind you) were saying they were supporting Goldy in her quixotic candidacy for mayor, I innocently shared one of Ms. Goldy's previous comments regarding her views of non-European Canadians:

Seems I may have finally struck a nerve:

I was very sad, primarily because I hadn't time to share these as well....

.... and because I wasn't able to see this in real time:

Honestly though, considering her rank hypocrisy on matters regarding women, can we be at all surprised?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Get over to the threeper page...You will want to screen shot this..Posted one hour ago by Phil Plummer a threat to kill Trudeau, and they have left it up and its starting to get "likes"