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Monday, November 02, 2015

Topham Trial: Paulie's Summary

Not long after we summarized (as best we could) the Topham hate crimes trial, Paulie also posted his take. We won't include the entire missive; a few selected entries should suffice.

Though it appears to have been written on October 31, Paulie's piece wasn't uploaded until late Sunday. And it starts both with the general entitled whining that we've come to expect....

.... as well as the creepy, "ew" factor that we've come to know and squirm uncomfortably in response to:

Again, ew....

What Paulie does confirm is that the defence appear to be trying to argue the "truth" of the antisemitic blood libels reprinted and editorialized on Topham's website, focusing especially on the work of Elizabeth Dilling and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which Paulie writes, "is a blueprint for establishing Jewish world dominance and world government," not even bothering with the pretense of including the word "allegedly."


In short, it looks like the defence has created a bit of a straw man. Take a fraudulent document (the Protocols) and present it as truth, as well as made-up and/or misinterpreted (willfully or otherwise) commentaries from a massive tome devoid of any context (the Talmud) and then put the creators of those documents on trial (though as noted numerous times, it has been proven the Protocols were not written by Jews in the first place).

We suppose we shouldn't be too surprised that Topham would try to use the trial to advance his views.

In a bit of related news, we've found that Topham's fundraising has become a lot more successful over the past couple of months. Not all the names are familiar to us (though one fella named "Dan" has made a number of contributions adding up to $2,500), but there are some that do stand out.

If you've never met a antisemitic potter, let us introduce you to Charles Krafft:

Mysoginistic, racist, antisemitic, conspiracy nut Henry Makow who has also been following the trial and whom we've mentioned briefly in the previous article:

John de Nugent, a man who believes himself to be the reincarnation of Hitler and who's own begging for money makes Paulie's financial aid requests appear dignified by comparison:

Arthur Topham himself appears to be contributing to his own crowd sourcing campaign. Hey, whatever works:

Brian Ruhe's.... er.... friend, David Friend:

Blast from the past Terry Long, former leader of the Alberta branch of the Aryan Nations back in the 1980s and early 1990s before fleeing the province:

And finally, Tommy Winnicki who uses his pledge as a means of promoting an idea that he himself doesn't have the courage or ability to enact himself:

Ultimately, whether they wish Topham luck, encourage his efforts, or use the opportunity to promote their own ideas, in reality they could have summed things up as follows:

Yeah, talk about the company he keeps.

Though again, we've noticed that Paulie's name doesn't appear anywhere on the list.

Funny that, eh?

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Anonymous said...

with all due respect (and much is indeed due!), as great as this site once was, it has devolved into inconsequential gossip reportage.