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Monday, November 09, 2015

Anonymous Release of KKK Members/Associates: Canadian Content

This past Thursday "Anonymous" released the details gathered in their effort to "de-hood" members of the Ku Klux Klan. Not surprisingly perhaps, most of the members are based in the United States, however we managed to find three individuals from Canada. Two of the individuals are known to ARC, however there was one interesting revelation from the third.

Craig Wyss is from Ontario and an associate of Paul Fromm; the two have look like they have met on at least one occasion and Wyss frequently commented on Paulie's Facebook posts. His Facebook profile was public up until today when he seems to have deleted it (along with a number of individuals named in the Anonymous release.... we can't imagine why) so we can't show our readers the other photos that we found on his profile, including a bomber jacket resplendent with "White Power" and KKK patches. However, the good folks at Addicting Info did manage to get a screen grab of an image in which Wyss personalized the interior of his car with a KKK decal which he proudly shows off to his friends:

So we weren't able to get all the screen shots we had wanted. Still, we do have a few screen shots grabbed in earlier months that are of some interest:

The second fella is also someone we've been keeping tabs on for a while now:

Robert Gregor is from British Columbia and, as one can see from his jacket, not only associated with the KKK (based on the de-hooding information released) but also an organization called Right Wing Resistance. This group was founded by Kyle Chapman out of Christchurch, New Zealand. Thus far it looks as if the only representative of Right Wing Resistance (at least visible membership) would be Gregor, though he is also friendly with the Kyle McKee faction of Blood & Honour as well as racist organization that doesn't seem to have gotten off of Facebook, the Warmongers (yeah, we know it sounds silly, but remember we didn't name the group). Individuals associated with the "Warmongers" include McKee and Neil Kehler (of Alberta) and the founder Jonathan Saucier. Saucier, by the way, isn't a fan of ours....

This was from about a year ago. We have more where
this comes from when the time is appropriate.

.... but then again, neither is Gregor:

Gregor has also been kind enough to provide a wealth of images from Facebook and elsewhere:

The final guy is this fella:

John Mclellan says he's from London, Ontario, however we could be a little more precise than that:


Unlike Wyss and Gregor who might just be on a KKK mailing list of some sort (and which KKK faction is uncertain), Mclellan is very clear that he supports the Imperial Klans of America and that he is a member of the rather infamous hate group. And by member we mean he actually has the cheaply printed certificate to prove it:

We ask once again, why, oh why, do boneheads
seem to be so allergic to t-shirts? 

It's funny though. The certificate (which looks to have been dated February 20, 2015) notes Mclellan as a "Ghoul" which sort of the introductory membership, however Mclellan claims the position of "Grand Dragon":

Either Mclellan is a really ambitious go-getter (we somehow feel that is unlikely) or the IKA is really desperate for people to assume leadership in Canada which doesn't speak well to the long term viability of this particular Klan faction.

The other possibility is that Mclellan has assumed the position on his own initiative without the go ahead from HQ. If that's the case, it might not have been a very wise decision.

Also not a wise design? Deciding that taking a photo of your daughter sieg heiling is cute:

That definitely puts Mclellan in douchebag dad territory. Really, not cool man.

And, for god's sake, put on a damn shirt!


Anonymous said...

Not related to this story, but Craig Cobb has hit the big time featuring in a story on Cracked:

Anonymous said...

Shit, I have seen this John guy in my neighbourhood here in London. I believe he was wearing a B&H shirt but I couldn't get a good look because I passed by on a bus at the time.

Will support with information if I see anything interesting.