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Monday, November 23, 2015

Article in Calgary Sun Regarding Murder of Mark Mariani

The article published on Saturday lays out much of the evidence (in addition to the released audio transcript that was released a two years ago) used to ultimately convict Tyler Sturrup and Robert Reitmeier, founding members of Western European Bloodlines (WEB) which was, if one can believe it, a more violent offshoot of the Aryan Guard.

We found this line to sufficiently describe the "bravery" of the Master Race once one model example realized he had been caught:

Reitmeier’s last act as a free man is to throw up in front of two cops and a camera....

Looks good on you.


Anonymous said...

You know, actually do wish for a big old LIKE button on this blog.

Anonymous said...

When you say "throw up" are you referring to a Roman salute or did Rob physically vomit?

Anonymous said...

Might want to stop calling them Daesh and refer to them by their actual name. Give it a read.

Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion that arc is a bunch of shady anti white hypocrites and completely disagree with everything you do say and believe.
But I gotta say that made me laugh hearing that he puked. These guys are where they belong and do not in anyway represent what pro white "nationalists" (term used very losely) believe is right.
On a side note your blog has been stagnant and boring as of late.

Nosferatu200 said...

We can only report what we learn and lately you folks seem to be very quiet. We know you're all still out there. but you've become very security conscious for some reason.

Can't imagine why. ;)