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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Kyle McKee A Little Fuzzy On Definition Of Freedom Of Speech UPDATED

UPDATE 1: We've modified our article to reflect that GoFundMe, which initially suspended McKee's financial appeal, has evidently decided that they don't mind neo-Nazis using their website to raise money. If you are as disappointed in GoFundMe's lack of integrity, you can contact them here and express your displeasure to them directly.

UPDATE 2: McKee's GoFundMe campaign appears to have been taken down again. Thanks everyone who submitted a complaint.

And thank you Tomsaz for finding one of our spelling errors. We make minor errors here and there all the time and certainly don't feel at all threatened or inadequate when errors are pointed out to us. The one you referred to us has not been fixed. 

It's been a while since we've written a blog post dedicated to Kyle, but he recently decided to remind us why we refer to boneheads as boneheads.

First, let's put the incident in its appropriate context.

Last month, Calgary Transit painted one of their buses to celebrate Pride Week in the city. The rainbow-colored bus would run on all routes and would be included in the Pride Parade that occurred on September 6. Well, evidently this offended one of the bus drivers who, citing religious convictions, made a little bit of a stink about the prospect of having to drive a bright, colorful, bus instead of the rather drab affairs he has grown accustomed to. Keep in mind, the guy had only been driving a year and had not even been assigned to the bus.

Maybe not of the same caliber controversy of a county clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples, but still rather newsworthy. Certainly newsworthy enough for the crumb bums, ne'er-do-well, and lollygaggers who post on Stormfront, including our friend Kyle McKee:

Ah, there's Kyle now.

In case our readers don't yet realize this, "Freedom Fighter" is McKee. We know that the proper spelling has thrown some of our readers off, but we think his current baby mama is spell checking for him (though it might be more accurate to state in utero baby mama as of now). By the way, McKee is the last of the great romantics:

Anyways, there's the usual bitching an moaning about how "they" are losing "their" country and that something needs to be done. We won't post everything that was written, but we will focus on this part:

That print is a little small. Let's try it again:

That's a bit better.

Honestly, we didn't give McKee's proposal a lot of thought. But then again it turns out we should have because McKee doesn't give a lot of thought about what he does.

Which leads us all to this:

Ah! There's the poor spelling we've come to expect.
Chelsey wasn't around at the time we guess?
No, Kyle didn't stop his car in front of the bus. That would be ridiculous.

He stood in front of it.

Here is the Go Fund Me page he set up for himself to raise the money to pay a rather substantial fine:


Dude, the mother of your unborn child is only willing to spend $10.00 on your skinny ass?

McKee seems to be under the mistaken impression that violating a municipal bylaw (sec. 13.1a) by impeding a transit vehicle is protected by Canada's free expression laws in the Charter. In reality, it just makes you an asshole who stood in front of a bus and made a whole lot of people run late.

Rosa Parks, he ain't.

We contacted the folks at Go Fund Me concerning McKee's efforts to use their site as a means of paying off his traffic fine. We figured that once they realized what was happening, things would get shut down pretty quick. And initially it was shut down:

Yeah, good luck with that Kyle.

However, as of today, the folks at Go Fund Me seem to be perfectly fine with a neo-Nazi using their site as a means of raising funds to pay off a fine.

Interesting, eh?


Anonymous said...

Seems to be gone now. On a side note, I was able to make out his postal code, so for anyone concerned, he's living in the Whitehorn area.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

"First, let's put the incident in it's appropriate context."

For someone who routinely confuses "its" with "it's", you really shouldn't be mocking someone else's spelling.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech as long as long as I support it, fucking hypocrite

Anonymous said...

Is there ever a time you ladies do not whine and complain? Either you're whinging about some Nazi or you're bitchy about the Asphalt Repaving Society or what Paulie is doing in front of a audience of.... 10. It makes you start to look beneath them. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

help raise cash to support his new kid like he pays for the one he already has loser