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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dean Clifford Continues #Winning Streak

Last we heard about Dean Clifford, his people (specifically his brother) was bragging about how one of the charges against him had been dismissed:

Well that certainly seemed much more optimistic than the website update, quickly removed, by the previous webmaster who called Dean Clifford out as a fraud.

So, perhaps the Clifford clan is right? Maybe they are going to bring down the whole system and will be regarded as heroic figures akin to Gandhi or Rosa Parks?

Or maybe.... just maybe.... they aren't telling the whole truth because they are chronic liars?

Considering this, we think the answer s closer to the latter than it is the former:

One of the fine folks posting at Quatloos subscribed to get the entire story. We won't post the whole article on the blog, but here are some highlights:

It’s alleged that an inmate at the Brandon jail, being held there while pending on charges from another Manitoba jurisdiction, placed a phone call to his brother on May 27 and threatened to cause death or bodily harm to a Brandon sheriff. 

It’s alleged that the same inmate phoned his brother again on June 18 and threatened to kill “all police officers.” 

The allegations haven’t been proven in court and Clifford is presumed innocent.

We have the June 18 audio saved, and when we previewed it one of our first thoughts was, "Dean DOES know that prison authorities listen to prisoner phone calls, right?"

In general, Freemen are known to claim that courts have no jurisdiction over them, and Clifford’s tense courtroom exchange with Hewitt-Michta on Thursday made it clear he questions the court’s authority. 

It began when the judge asked him if he’d hired a lawyer. 

“First of all, I refuse to plea into a fiction of law, (I) want to make that very clear,” Clifford stated from the prisoner’s dock. 

Hewitt-Michta tried to ask her question again, but Clifford continued, adding “Excuse me, I’m speaking … Excuse me, I’m speaking,” when Hewitt-Michta tried to interrupt. 

Hewitt-Michta warned that she would remove Clifford from the courtroom if he continued to be disruptive. 

“Good for you. Do you think I want to be here? I’m in chains,” Clifford replied before Hewitt-Michta directed sheriffs to remove him from the room. 

Crown attorney Deidre Badcock said she sent documents that outline the allegations to Clifford at the Brandon jail, but he refused them and sent a letter to Badcock telling her to “cease and desist.” 

After Clifford was removed from the courtroom, Hewitt-Michta said, despite his position, she had an obligation to ensure the court procedure was fair to Clifford who is representing himself. Citing case law, she entered not guilty pleas on his behalf.

In the Quatloos thread there are two comments that seem to sum up Dean Clifford's situation:

So, at this point we now know that Dean DID get charged for the "threats" he made while in jail, and that charge, along with the others is going to make for a long laundry list. It looks like he is looking at two trial dates now, one for the threats, and one for the issues from before he was jailed, and that the Deaners are right to a degree, although for entirely the wrong reasons, he's not going to get out of jail anytime soon, by his own hand and efforts. Only Dean could turn what should probably have been a misdemeanor traffic stop in to a series of felony charges. Genius in action!!!


Dean reminds me of bad kid in school who would rather be the most delinquent kid in town than be the scared little child who is three grade levels behind in reading and math. To this kid it's better to break the bookshelf, call the teacher a name and get sent to the principal's office than to get pulled out of class for remedial reading and get called a dummy by his class mates. 

Dean couldn't cut it in western Canada, one of the most prosperous fair and kind societies in the western world. So he decided instead to be the toughest, most oppositional freeman in Canada. 

He's going to play this hand to the end, because the alternative is to deal with being a 39 year-old loser.

Dean Clifford. Forever #Winning.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, he is a total loser, and so are others who follow his lead.