Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fromm Picks Up Levant's Islamaphobic Batton and Runs With It

On November 11, Ezra wrote an article accusing the Essex Board of Education in Ontario of exempting Muslims from participating in Remembrance Day and questioned the patriotism of Muslim Canadians. He suggested people who he outraged sign a petition that condemned the board's decision on a website his article linked to (Canada: Love It Or Leave) and, while there, to maybe purchase a charming t-shirt.

The problem with all of this is that none of it was true. Yes, there was a memo that went out from the school board which suggested alternative Remembrance Day commemorations, but the memo was directed at those schools where parents might have safety concerns as it had only been a couple of weeks since the murder of an honor guard at the Canadian War Memorial. The story was debunked as the product mainly of Levant's fevered, Islamaphobic, imagination, though he did do quite a good job of appealing to his xenophobic base of support.

One of those xenophobes though likely hats him as much as any Muslim though:


Yep, Paulie:

Really, it's not as if we should be surprised. Paulie might be an anti-Semite in addition to a racist, but he is also an opportunist and if there's any opening for him to inject his particular brand of Nativism and bigotry into the public sphere, he'll be in like Flynn.

Now, after a lot (and we mean a hell of a lot) of criticism, Levant backed down and even.... begrudgingly,... admitted he was wrong in the passive-aggressive way we have come to know and love from him. He also changed the website to omit mention of Muslims, though he still takes a crack at the school board:

He also noted that no parent in the entire Essex County School Board area had asked for an exemption for their child. In short, everyone participated.

So, the story ended in a bit of a whimper.

Except if you're Paulie Fromm and you want to continue to flog a dead horse:

Paulie posted the following video Sunday, a full 5 days after the original story Levant published was thoroughly discredited:

Oh, where oh where do we even start to discuss Paulie's hypocrisy?

Well, we suppose we COULD start with how he solemnly declares he is wearing the red poppy to remember, "the bravery and the commitment and the self-sacrifice of Canadian soldiers" who served during the First World War, Second World War, Korean War, and other conflict, but has done all he can to rehabilitate and lend support to the ideology many of those men and women were fighting against:

Well, yes she is sort of wearing a Nazi uniform (really, just the
hat), so maybe this shows not so much his support of National
Socialism as it does he's a really creepy, old, perv.

We might also add that prior to November 11, Paulie didn't seem to be too concerned when Brandon Martinez and Joshua Blakeney decided to dump on the memory of the soldiers who's bravery, commitment, and self-sacrifice he would later use to suit his own agenda:

The "debate" continues for some time after this, and while Fromm doesn't add anything himself he certainly had every opportunity to defend the legacy of the brave, self-sacrificing Canadian soldiers who's commitment helped to end the atrocities of the Nazi regime. These parts are especially interesting though:


Considering Paulie used the (and we stress again, debunked) Sun News article Ezra Levant wrote early the following week, that last point seems a bit awkward to us.

Paulie probably knows that the story is false. That doesn't mean he's going to be honest with the people who for some inexplicable reason still believe what he tells them.

Paul Fromm defending the sanctity of Remembrance Day. We do believe our Jewish friends would refer to that as chutzpah.


Anonymous said...

Fromm never disappoints with his bullshit. He's ONLY good for a giggle read.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that royalist pig Fromm the anti-1965 flag guy? Where he doesn't want Canada to be actually independent? Not that Canada is independent anyways.