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The Sad Saga of Vikingwarlord14: Part I

It's been a while since ARC introduced a new character to the parade of misfits featured here on the blog, so while this writer was on a brief sabbatical she decided to do a little research on someone who's online activities reminded us a little of Tom Winnicki (who, given his most recent missive, isn't pleased to have his intelligence ridiculed; more on that at a later date):

Meet "Unit14." Well, actually "Unit14" is ostensibly the name of the "crew" this guy has established in BC, though at this point it appears that his is a crew of one. However, he was pretty damn ambitious in that he tried to crowdsource his new hate groups:


Bill Noble actually asked a legitimate question about this endeavor which, if we remember correctly, wasn't really addressed:

Not surprisingly, the fine folks at GoFundMe weren't so peachy keen to have their site used as a means of raising money for a neo-Nazi gang and it was shut down before it raised a dime. But even before "Unit14"/"Jay Stone"/"Jay Smith" had decided to crowdsource a hate group, he had first attempted to start another ambitious, though ultimately futile, project under the username, "proudcracker420":

A while back someone representing the UNP tried to leave a message on the blog announcing the formation of a new political party that would eventually be fielding candidates for federal office and, as such, forming the next government. We get delusional comments like these all the time and while we don't post them on the blog we do follow their efforts for shits and giggle. This case was no exception, though the UNP proved to be especially entertaining:

Except, of course, when the UNP project was abandoned
and the Unit14 project was begun. These people have the
attention spans of goldfish suffering from ADHD


Ah! Here we have "vikingwarlord14," the main subject of this post finally. Now, with a name as grand as "vikingwarlord14" we expect he must be a rather imposing figure:

Yeah, something like that.

Anyways, "vikingwarlord14" was a very enthusiastic early supporter of the UNP as evidenced by many of his comments on the subject:


Also, "vikingwarlord14" was very active on the UNP Facebook page, though there he wasn't known as "vikingwarlord14" or another one of his other online monikers, "Ragnar Lokison."

Ladies and gentlemen, let us now introduce you all to Jonathan Kotyk of Winnipeg, Manitoba:

Uhm... he don't look like no viking warlord to us.

Why is it that all of these boneheads post using names (if they don't use their own) which bare little to no resemblance to their actual likeness? A more accurate name for Kotyk might be "comicbookguy14":

Low blow? Yeah, probably, but we've never been above picking the low hanging fruit.

Well, what he lacks in charisma, perhaps he makes up for in terms of his intellect and political savvy? It just so happens that we can say something about this since Kotyk decided to help formulate the political strategy for the UNP:


So we did download Jonathan Kotyk's document which we will now provide to you, our dear readers, unedited and without comment from us (though we may highlight a few comments we really want our readers to focus on):

The goals of The United Nationalist Party (subject to revision) By Jonathan Kotyk
  1. We will put an end to immigration and expel all immigrants convicted of a crime in Canada.
  2. We will refuse entry to all refugees and asylum seekers; we want the best people not cowards to afraid to stay in their home countries and make things better.
  3. We will ensure that all able bodied adults work for the betterment of the economy and the country as a whole.
  4. We will place strict time limits on welfare. Welfare is a safety net not a hammock.
  5. We will enact laws that promote safe and responsible gun ownership.
  6. We will enact laws that forbid the earning of money that does not arise from work, such as investment banking and accumulating unfair interest from loans.
  7. We will ensure profit sharing in all large industry and not allow large amounts of money to sit unused.
  8. We will nationalize all energy resources for the benefit of all Canadians.
  9. We will increase old age pensions and raise the pay of all soldiers and first responders.
  10. We will lower residential taxes and ensure there are no future carbon taxes as well as offer tax breaks all companies that employ exclusively Canadian citizens.
  11. We will nationalize the central bank and ensure it is run by Canadians for Canadians.
  12. We will restructure the public education system, we will implement daily physical activity for all children, return to a classical education focusing on reading, writing and arithmetic, in addition we will provide free university and college education to all qualified adults.
  13. We will promote traditional family values by paying mothers to stay home and raise their children until they reach schooling age as well as ending the abortion debate once and for all by holding a national referendum.
  14. We will increase funding and support for the military as well as making it mandatory for all able bodied adults upon reaching eighteen years of age to serve a minimum three years.
  15. We will make our streets safe once again by doing the following: Increase the length of time to be served for all crimes so that the perpetrators are justly punished and not merely inconvenienced, remove all activist judges who give insignificant sentences to degenerates who prey on our most vulnerable citizens, bring back the death penalty for those convicted of murder and repeat sex offenders and too offset the cost of housing criminals by bringing back prison work camps.
  16. We will ensure that all government jobs including all elected offices are held by Canadian citizens only.
  17. We will improve the health of the nation by instituting exercise programs for all citizens.
  18. We will heavily tax all junk food and subsidize fresh produce.
  19. We will offer tax breaks to companies that make their food healthier by lowering fat and sugar content.
  20. We will end all foreign aid, excepting in cases of dire emergency until such time as all Canadians have employment and homes.
  21. We will ensure for the betterment of the country any company that intends to move its operations off of Canadian soil will have all of its assets seized and nationalized.
  22. We will make ending the homeless crisis a national work project which will secure employment for those in need of it.
  23. We will cut the funding for all art grants and other wasteful programs.

“He who creates something really valuable for his people demonstrates by this a loyalty just as valuable, while someone else, who merely simulates loyalty, without actually rendering valuable services to his people, is an injury to any real loyalty. He also burdens the community of his loyalty”-Adolf Hitler.

Are we just talk or are we men and women of action?

Some ideas we should discuss. Maybe through a private group on stormfront, that way we can go over things without having scheduling conflicts. Each of these items needs to be discussed and agreed upon, so that we all know where we stand and unify the party as a whole.

We should take things one step at a time, build a strong foundation and not rush things. Let’s do this thing right and make a change to Canada.

  1. I think that if we take a British National Party style of activism we can avoid a lot of left wing harassment. Now granted we will have quite a bit of that but we can limit it and control the outcome to a certain extent. A more militant Golden Dawn style will not work in Canada and will just cause more problems than we can deal with. The BNP website has in its education and training section as a PDF called Activist’s and Organizers handbook, which offers proven tips on how to canvas and promote Nationalism in a hostile liberal environment. Perhaps sometime in the future when we are firmly established we can reach out to the BNP and ask for an endorsement or some sort of alliance.
  2. For funding perhaps look at registering as a non-profit organization and solicit donations (can a non-profit also be a political party?) or pool what money is available and invest it in say a newspaper (Hitler did this and was making mad cash) or hold some kind of event like a concert to collect funds. Further we need to establish persons in a party office, such as general leader, secretary, treasurer, chief of propaganda and so on. We should also have a lawyer on retainer, just in case. And find out what sort of tax laws there are for political parties, we can’t risk being shut down over ignorance of the law. I know, I know, it’s just an insane amount of work, but it needs to be done if this is going to go anywhere.
  3. Until such time as the “waters have been tested” and know how far we can push the mainstream with animosity towards non-whites we should avoid all mention of race in official statements and never use the words Zionist(ism), Jewish conspiracy and related terms and never use racial slurs. We need allies not enemies. Further we should not speak of or promote any sort of eugenics program or any hostility towards Israel. Doing these thing will place us on the radical side of politics and get us nowhere. Further we should stress our goals towards reforming the justice and education system. By doing this we will gain support from parents who want to see their children protected from perverts and well educated and healthy as well as gain the support of victims of crime. The left will demonize themselves if they oppose us on law and order, but what’s more they will not know how to oppose us because they themselves want free education. They can’t call us right wing nuts or leftist lunatics because we are neither left nor right. If we play our cards right we can confuse our opponents and seize voters out of both sides. In the future, at any rallies where there are protesters we will only make statements on reforming the justice system so that the left look to be supporting child molesters and not opposing racists. Reforming the justice system and education should be top of the list along with improving health care (the trinity of most likely to gain support) followed by immigration issues.
  4. To counter the inevitable accusations of being a Nazi organization, perhaps allow a very limited number of non-whites into the party at a low rank as campaign aides or at least fake having them on the membership list so that we can easily counter the attacks the left will hit us with. Further we should use instead of “white people” the code word “Canadian Citizen” that way we appear accepting of everyone but remain strictly white nationalists.
  5. We need a powerful symbol all can rally around. The united front logo as cool as it is does not cut it. With arrows going everywhere it is not a symbol of unity but of division. The Nazis had the swastika, which was a symbol full of energy, power and mystery. Now we can’t use the swastika, but there is an ancient Viking symbol that I think would be perfect for a Canadian party. This is the Helm of Awe [this image did not show up when downloaded, though we suspect this is what he is referring to]. Viking warriors would paint this on their helmets or on their forehead. It represents invincibility in battle and strikes fear and awe into the hearts of the enemy. A white with blue outline on top of the maple leaf of our flag (or blue with white outline) would be a powerful symbol to build the party up around. With it looking like a snowflake it is inoffensive as well as eye catching. Just a few ideas we can discuss when time permits.
  6. When it comes to the Jews any opposition towards them these days strengthens them rather than weakens them. Just as in chess or on the battlefield you need to go through the pawns\foot soldiers before getting a shot at the generals, we too must go through the Zionist pawns before we can take down the Jews. Focus on Muslim extremism and the parasitical natives instead, we will get much more traction, especially from groups like Sun Media who are always ready and willing to call them on their bullshit.
  7. We will need to hold internal elections at some point to figure out who does what and when.
  8. We need a party motto and some catch phrases to get people’s attention. As much as I like the fourteen words it is too racially charged to attract voters. We need something that will get non-whites voting for us, giving us a majority government that would allow us to make whatever changes we want without interference. I personally like for our stance on welfare “Welfare is a safety net, not a hammock!” and I think “National Socialism is our salvation!” has some potential. Or perhaps something along the line of, “Crime doesn’t pay, but the criminals will. Bring back the chain gang!” needs some work but trial and error will smooth things out.
  9. With a promise of a national referendum on abortion we can gain the support of religious groups across the country (maybe even work a deal with some bishops and get the popes’ endorsement?) and the left will not be able to effectively criticise this move for fear of being accused of hating democracy or exposing their lack of support on this issue. Further by offering to pay for women to stay home and raise their kids until they reach schooling age we court the women’s vote as well. Note: this is not welfare; motherhood should be considered a job.
  10. if they have not already, every member should study mein kampf as well as Machiavelli’s the prince and sun Tzu’s art of war. As well as learn proper debating skills.
  11. Every member should exercise on a regular basis as well as have some training in self-defence.
  12. We should not allow skinheads in unless they cover up racist tattoos and grow their hair out, we need a respectable image not one of a gang of thugs. As well as ban all smoking in public when representing the party.
  13. What’s our position on legalizing marijuana?  Yes or no? Personally I think we need to legalize it and get the cops going after the meth, heroin and crack dealers. Hard drug users are a bigger problem than some hippies.
  14. We can gain the support of the military and police if we celebrate their patriotism and courage, as well as promise to raise their pay and give more support. We need to secure their support if we are to take control of the government.
  15. Instead of sitting around doing nothing but teaching each other how to commit crimes in crime collage we should put them to work. Prison chain gangs, work camps or convert the prisons into factories? We will need cost estimates to make convincing arguments for any of these.
  16. Natives, do we publicly say we will dissolve the treaties and stop all treaty payments? Or do we wait till we’re in power then do it?
  17. Annulment of gay marriage. Do we publicly say we will do away with all state recognition of same sex marriage? Is this part of our platform or do we keep these plans in house?
  18. Should the party adopt a uniform?
  19. We court the student vote by offering free education.

We especially love how he thinks the pope would have possibly endorsed the UNP. In fact, Kotyk appears to think that Roman Catholics would taking their marching orders from the pope which indicates, along with almost everything else he has written, a fundamental lack of understanding of human nature:

We're not sure we have the heart to tell him that the places the Roman Catholic Church is actually growing and where the most devout followers of the religion are located are in Africa, Asia, and Latin America; in Europe and anglo-North America, it is pretty stagnant except among the immigrant population Kotyk hopes to deport. As such, we're not sure the movement he is hoping for is coming out of the Roman Catholic Church.

But we have digressed from the main point somewhat. If our readers haven't noticed by now, we have constantly referred to the UNP in the past tense. As in it is no longer really a thing. And it seems that in addition to "Jay Stone's" goldfish-like attention span, we also have the inevitable infighting to thank. Things began to go south on the Facebook page. While we have only one side of the argument available because the other left the group and Facebook soon after the argument took place, it's clear that the individual in question was Jonathan Kotyk:


The argument did continue on Stormfront though:


Our favorite comment comes from "Canadianationalist" who may very well be Andrew on the UNP Facebook page:

You don't say?

As he has provided us with a great deal more material, we will be posting a second article on Jonathan Kotyk fairly shortly.

You know, low hanging fruit.


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This is frigging hysterical. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Keep up the good work ARC.

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I found this page after wanting to know more about Ezra Levant. I found the article about the made up story he did about "immigrants opting out of remembers day" when I googled his name. There was a link on that page to this thread about nerds wanting to start a Nationalist party.