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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dean Clifford and Bill Noble: Emails

This day last November freeman-on-the-land guru, former active Stormfront member, and general nutter Dean Clifford was taken into custody during a seminar he was conducting in Ontario. Since that day, Clifford has been claiming that his release would be imminent as would be his take-down of the political and economic system in this nation. And despite his continued incarceration, which now includes charges that he made threats to directed at the police and court officials while in custody (we have at least one of those recordings saves), Clifford continues in his delusional belief that he has them all right where he wants them and that there will be hell to pay when he gets out. His supporters remain credulous in spite of all available evidence.

Today those supporters who run the website provided the world with a gift; 9+ hours of Dean Clifford's pseudo-legalistic mumbo jumbo. We here at ARC humbly would suggest being subjected to more than 9 hours of Dean Clifford would be far worse than the torture he claims that he has undergone while a guest of Her Majesty.

That noted, we thought we too might provide a gift to mark this auspicious occasion.

A couple of years back, some one or some group hacked a number of racist websites and email addresses. It just so happens that three of those email addresses belonged to Bill Noble, someone our readers are very familiar with. And Noble kept up a fairly extensive correspondence with Clifford from 2007 into at least 2011. Some of those correspondences were related to Noble's own case in which he was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to a term of four months followed by three years probation (which he immediately violated soon after his release with no apparent consequence):

Oh, perhaps we should have mentioned that Bill Noble once (and maybe still does) uses Adolf Hitler as means of identifying himself.

The name that Clifford signed as, "Sovereign" is significant in that it is what he used as his online moniker on Stormfront. In some of the emails that will follow Clifford will refer to posts he made on Stormfront. Since some of his acolytes refused to believe that Clifford (who threw quite a temper tantrum when we suggested we would be writing an article about him) was the racist we proved him to be, maybe this provides sufficient proof, however there will be more so stay tuned.

Anyways, Clifford included an attachment with his email, the content of which follows:


15 March 2007
I, Bill Noble, the undersigned (“Affiant”) and Secured Party for BILL NOBLE, being of majority in age, competent to testify, a self-realized entity, a free man upon the land, our yes be yes, our no be no, do state that the truth and facts herein are of first-hand personal knowledge, true, correct, complete, certain and not misleading, so help me Odin.

1. THAT, Affiant is a living man;
2. THAT, Affiant is a son of God;
3. THAT, Affiant is NOT the legal entity BILL NOBLE;
4. THAT, BILL NOBLE (“STRAWMAN”) is a legal entity created by and for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA evidenced by a BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued by the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA.
5. THAT, Affiant has an honorary power of attorney over the legal fiction BILL NOBLE;
6. THAT, Affiant has a secured interest in STRAWMAN;

7. THAT, Affiant asserts the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA created the legal entity BILL NOBLE by bifurcations, after the living man was born, for the sole benefit of the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA;
8. THAT, Affiant asserts the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA is a legal fiction;
9. THAT, Affiant asserts the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA is a corporation, incorporated in or around the year 1882;
10. THAT, Affiant is NOT an employee of the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA;
11. THAT, Affiant is NOT in the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA;
12. THAT, Affiant asserts CANADA is a legal fiction;
13. THAT, Affiant asserts CANADA is a corporation, incorporated in or around 1867;
14. THAT, CANADA is a corporation registered to do business with the UNITED STATES SECURETIES AND EXCHANGE as evidenced by US SECURETIES AND EXCHANGE registration number 0000230098;
15. THAT, Affiant is NOT in CANADA;
16. THAT, Affiant is standing on the land known as the Alberta district;
17. THAT,  CANADA STOLE ALL LAWFUL MONEY in 1933 and mid 1960's evidenced by the GOLD STANDARDS ACT (1933) and the respective act that demanded silver be brought to CANADA banks or reserves;
18. THAT, CANADA is bankrupt and has NO LAWFUL MONEY;
19. THAT, CANADA's monetary system is based upon credit;
20. THAT, A negotiable instrument requires the signature of a living man;
21. THAT, A paper purporting to represent a negotiable instrument without a signature of a living man is just a piece of paper;
22. THAT, A negotiable instrument bearing the signature of a living man is money;
23. THAT, A negotiable instrument bearing the signature of a living man is the sole property of the living man;
24. THAT, Affiant is NOT an employee of CANADA a/k/a CANADIAN CITIZEN;
26. THAT, The judges or masters or justice's of the peace working in Alberta are either EMPLOYEES OF OR AGENTS FOR PROVINCE OF ALBERTA OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF CANADA;
27. THAT, members of the CALGARY POLICE SERVICE are employees of or agents for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA;
29. THAT,  All action take towards the Affiant are done so in collusion or racketeering between the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF CANADA and the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA;
30. THAT,  The GOVERNMENT OF CANADA is defacto and therefore all laws that parliament pass are defacto laws;
31. THAT, The CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA only applies to CANADA and its provinces, including but not limited to PROVINCE OF ALBERTA, all of which are fictitious legal entities.  Corporations.
32. THAT, The CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA is a measurement of penalty if a statute is broken or violated;
33. THAT, CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA only applies to legal entities, corporate citizens and employees of the corporation CANADA;
34. THAT, the RESPONDENT is making a commercial offer without sufficient consideration;
35. THAT, the RESPONDENT as an officer of the corporation is bound by the corporation's laws, including but not limited to CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA;
36. THAT,  According to the CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA which the RESPONDENT is bound, making an offer with false pretenses is an indictable offense;
37. THAT,  Gods Laws supersede man's law;
38. THAT,  Statutes are man's law and apply to their respective corporate entities;
39. THAT,  driving is a commercial activity;
40. THAT,  vehicles are a commercial conveyance;
41. THAT,  the Registrar of motor vehicles can only register and regulate commercial activity;
42. THAT,  a drivers license is a commercial instrument and only applies to commercial activity;
43. THAT,  Affiant travels in his private capacity upon the public ways in a private conveyance;
44. THAT, Affiant has a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to travel;
45. THAT, no living man or person can convert a GOD GIVEN RIGHT into a privilege without consent and just compensation;
46. THAT, Affiant has NOT consented to convert his GOD GIVEN RIGHTS;
47. THAT, Affiant has not seen or been presented any evidence that a living man or person can make or offer a legal determination for the Affiant;
48. THAT, no person or living man has the right to interfere with a private contract or private agreement;
49. THAT, any person interfering with a private contract or private agreement is imposing their will upon another party or parties;
50. THAT, imposing a person's will upon another person or living man is involuntary servitude;
51. THAT, the STRAWMAN has a Social Insurance account in the Federal Treasury generated by the hypothetication of the STRAWMAN's birth certificate via the unlawful bifurcation of the Affiant's name;
52. THAT, if there were a true bona fide injured party and accompanying sworn statement of injury the services of the RCMP, etc, would not be required.
53. THAT, BILL NOBLE or any derivation there of (“TRADE NAME”) is trade marked by the Affiant;
54. THAT, usage fees for the TRADE NAME are five million (5,000,000.00) in gold or silver bullion per occurrence;
55. THAT, usage fees for the TRADE NAME are immediately payable upon receipt of invoice;
56. THAT, Affiant does not willing do business with the RESPONDENT or any parties he may be acting on behalf;
57. THAT, Affiant does not willing do business with the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA or any parties that may be acting on its behalf;
58. THAT, Affiant does not willing do business with the CANADA or any parties that may be acting on its behalf;
59. THAT, Affiant shall be under threat, coercion or duress if FORCED to do business with RESPONDENT or PROVINCE OF ALBERTA or CANADA;
60. THAT, one remedy to an unconscionable contract is a tort claim;
61. THAT, Slavery was abolished in the 1950's or 1960's;
62. THAT, the United Nations sanctions corporations that condone and/or allow slavery;
63. THAT, In a Colorado case in 1960, Saunders V. English, there was an award of $10,000 dollars per hour for unlawful conferment.
64. THAT, Affiant does NOT have any contracts or agreements with PROVINCE OF ALBERTA or CANADA;
65. THAT, Affiant has NOT signed any waivers;
66. THAT, Affiant has NOT relinquished his god given rights;
67. THAT, in commerce and unrebutted affidavit stands as truth
68. THAT, The Affiant shall hold all parties, including but not limited to agents and principals, liable for their participation in collusion or racketeering against the Affiant or STRAWMAN;

Bill Noble
Edmonton, Alberta

Certified Copy: file

Sworn to and subscribed before me,_____________________________ on ________________ A.D., a man known as Bill Noble came before me, a notary, and attested to the truth of this Declaration and Affidavit of Truth with his signature to be true, complete and correct.

NOTARY PUBLIC _________________________________


My commission expires ________________________.

We had wondered where Noble had gotten his advice regarding his attempt at a defence. It seemed to us at the time very much in line with the roundly discredited detaxer philosphy. It looks like were weren't all that far off. Other "helpful" pseudo-legal advice regarding Noble's criminal case follows:


Noble asked for, and received, more pseudo-legal advice not necessarily related to the specific case referred to in the previous messages (we especially liked the one where Noble asks how to use a religious designation as an excuse to carry around a hammer):


Noble and Clifford also appear to have had a working relationship. There are a number of emails where Noble calculates the number of hours he has worked and the payment he should have received.... with an emphasis on, "should have." The emails also include requests for grocery money as it seems that as a result of constantly being stiffed, Noble (who was in Manitoba working for Clifford at the time) and his then Calgary-based partner were often desperately short on cash:

Among the accusations leveled at Clifford by his numerous critics is that in addition to his pseudo-legal justification for not paying taxes is that he takes advantage of his own followers for his own financial gain. While not conclusive, it does look like there may be something to that accusation based on the above messages.

Of course there are the discussions about other freeman cases, as well as the associated conspiracy theories:


Now all of these might be interesting, but given the scope of our project here at ARC we find these ones to be especially compelling:

Most of our readers will know what this particularly vile phrase means, but if you don't, here's a link that sort of spells it out in no uncertain terms.

Another one that was interesting is that Clifford suggests that his freeman philosophy is only valid for White people. Well, Anglo-Saxons in any case, which of course also leaves out a large part of the European family (though somehow we think he would include the French, Hungarians, Poles, Ukrainians, and others of the pale persuasion):

We also have the links to Stormfront and other hate sites (including those that were set up by Noble himself), both in terms of suggested reading from Noble, comments about what he has already posted and/or read, and requests for some administrative control by Clifford:

This email refers to the death of Jeff Hughes,
another longtime Stormfront member

Ah! The Aryan Guard makes an appearance. Yep, Clifford was very well aware of Noble's involvement with and membership in the Aryan Guard. It even seems that he tried to convince members of the Aryan Guard to his freeman world view:

One of the first reference to the Aryan Guard involved the case of a young member accused of an unprovoked attack on a Japanese immigrant. Clifford believed his vast knowledge of the legal system would result in the case being thrown out:


While Clifford didn't think much of the case, the judge evidently was convinced of the young man's guilt. What is more disturbing is what happened in November 2009. During that month two pipe bombs exploded outside the residence of former Aryan Guard member Tyler Sturrup (himself now in prison with Robert Reitmeier for murder). Kyle McKee and another individual who was a minor at the time were accused of attempted murder. Both men fled Calgary before they could be arrested. The minor was picked up in Manitoba a short time after the bombing, however McKee was able to elude police for about a month (he was spotted in Saskatchewan but managed to escape). When he was arrested, he was found at a residence in Winnipeg.

Bill Noble's residence.

And Dean Clifford knew all about it.

Do no harm, eh Dean?

Noble kept Clifford in the loop as he tried to arrange a lawyer for McKee, though he found that Doug Christie might not been as selfless as he had hoped:


During this time, Noble wrote his memories of how the arrest went down:

On Wednesday, December 16, 2009, at approximately 11:00 PM, as I was typing a letter to a friend, the house phone rang and a male voice identified himself as “Bill” of the Winnipeg Police, and stated that the house was surrounded. Between “Bill” identifying himself by first name only, and a casual glance out the front window discovering no signs of being surrounded, it was easy to categorize the phone call as a prank. I identified myself as Ralph Nader and proceeded to promote 'my' latest book, and additionally made demands that large pizza be delivered “or else people are gonna get hurt”. Being convinced some friend or other was making a prank call, none of my responses seemed inappropriate.

After two similar phone calls, the first of which I responded to in similar vein as before, and the latter which I responded to with a loudly amplified recording of a cow mooing, my brother opened the back door to let our dog out on his cable. Someone partially concealing themselves behind the neighbor's fence shouted “Police, come out with your hands up!” or something along those lines. My brother came back upstairs and said “I think we're being raided!”

I still didn't buy it. I looked out a back window and saw a figure lurking in the shadows at the end of the neighbor's fence. He pointed what appeared to be a replica machine gun with a laser-pointer attachment at me, and additionally shone a bright light of some sort in my direction. I still suspected a prank, but was beginning to think it an extravagant one. I even thought my brother and our friend had invited some friends over, and were in on this prank with their friends. So I said jokingly in reply to my brother's statement about being raided “Well, let's get ready to take out as many of them as we can.”

Another glance outside the front revealed no signs of the house being surrounded – until glancing at an angle, we espied a fleet of cop cars blocking off the street at the end of the block to our left. The cop cars were silent and did not have their lights on; so it still seemed unreal, though at this point a bit too elaborate to be a prank.

Still, if it were not a prank, why no lights or sirens? Why no announcements over a bullhorn? The idea of phoning the house instead seems highly unorthodox, not to mention identifying oneself by first name only. No aspect of the incident resembled a legitimate police operation.

When this “Bill” character called for about the fourth time, I began to inquire more seriously as to who he was, and what was going on. He was evasive on many points; he refused to tell me who was in charge of the operation; he gave me his badge number – 1556 – but refused to give his last name, which naturally makes me doubt the authenticity of his alleged badge number.

He did say he thought Kyle McKee was in the house, and that he had a warrant for McKee's arrest. However, he claimed he was not able to procure a copy of that warrant. I informed him he could either hold the warrant up to the livingroom window for me to read, or slip it under the rear door of the house. He claimed inability to perform either action, in spite of being informed that there were no guns in the house and hence no danger to him or his accomplices.

Eventually, fearing that the rogue cops were going to storm the house and murder everyone inside, my brother elected to walk outside with his hands up. I demanded of “Bill” that McKee be allowed to stay standing, and that no one should force him to lay down on the cold, snowy ground outside; and “Bill” assured me that no one would make McKee lay on the ground. “Bill” assured us that they only wanted McKee and had no interest in anyone else in the house. McKee walked out with his hands up, and was instructed to walk sideways down the block, where he was forced to lay down on the ground and was mounted by one of the rogue cops. Shortly thereafter, “Bill” called again and asked if there was a “Charles Ruston” in the house, claiming that McKee had said his 'friend Charles Ruston was inside the house', and that they also had a warrant for this Charles Ruston.

As they had yet failed to produce any proof of a warrant for McKee, even after abducting him, I informed “Bill” that his next act would be to produce a warrant, and that he was not to phone back until after the warrant was evidenced. He neither produced a warrant nor phoned back.

I called Staff Sergeant Schuster, badge number 1542, of the local (3rd) Precinct. He did not appear to be concerned that rogue officers were conducting illegal activities in his precinct. He, too, was very evasive, refused to give me the number for the duty officer on duty, claimed the number was 'private, not public', claimed he did not know how to transfer my call through, and refused to identify his own superior officer. When I told him my next call was going to be to 911, he said “Go ahead.”

“Bill” finally called back and apologized, saying he had been 'mistaken' when he had claimed there was a warrant for a “Charles Ruston”. He continued to refuse to divulge his own surname, saying it was 'not important'. He also claimed he did not know who was in charge of the operation.

I called 911 and reported that an apparent SWAT team had converged on my house, that they refused to produce warrants, refused to say who was in charge, and indeed never indicated what exactly they were after. The 911 operator asked if I would be comfortable with opening the front door and speaking to the cops, to which I replied “Definitely not, considering the fact that Canadian police routinely murder people.” I explained that I was afraid for our lives, and that the staff sergeant of the local precinct seemed totally unconcerned that a crime was being commited in his precinct, and was unable to inform me either who was in charge of the operation, or who his own superior officer was. I asked the 911 operator “who are we supposed to call when the cops ARE the criminals?”

She told me she would have whoever was in charge of the operation phone me back promptly. No one ever did phone back, and the swarm of police and police vehicles outside abruptly pulled out and vanished into the night.

In retrospect, it seems improbable that they had a warrant for McKee in the first place, as no sooner had he ventured outside and been seized, than “Bill” was back on the phone claiming to have an arrest warrant for a 'Ruston'; and upon admitting to there not being a warrant for 'Ruston' after all, no warrant for McKee was produced. Thus, it appears they were bent on harassing all the occupants of the house to incite us to venture outside to where we could be abducted with ease.

The shady behaviour of these rogue cops is frightening in the extreme. By not conducting themselves as police in an orthodox raid would, i.e., with an announcement over a bullhorn and flashing police lights, I was led to continue to believe it was some sort of prank even as the shadowy figure at the end of the fence pointed what appeared to be a replica rifle with a laser sight at me. What if I had jokingly gestured back with something resembling a weapon? I could have been shot and killed!

Can you guess who was among the first, if not the first, to receive this summary?

Interesting, eh?

So on this, the first anniversary of Dean Clifford being arrested and held in detention pending trial, we have to say that it looks good on him.


Anonymous said... a new racist skinhead in hamilton

Anonymous said...

Dean Clifford is the MAN!

A real hero and 100% correct in what he asserts.

I laugh at you while pissing on your propaganda hit-piece. You must really take people for fools?