Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bill Noble: Still a Little Bitter

It's been a while since we wrote about the folks who were associated with Kyle McKee's AG/B&H/C18/AARP/WWE/NAMBLA but we certainly haven't forgotten about them. While he certainly has been quiet these days with McKee's one time ally, now rival Max Hynes getting much of the press, he has been quietly trying to reestablish himself.

Part of the reason for the collapse of the Aryan Guard and it's Blood & Honour successor was because of pretty massive egos and the infighting that resulted. WEB broke away from the AG due to "philosophical differences" which appears to have resulted in an attempt to off one of the WEB members with a pipe bomb. When the AG morphed into Blood & Honour, there was already a faction of the movement associated with the Hammerskins and Volksfront who had a preexisting acrimonious relationship with the C18 aligned B&H internationally as well as within Canada. And then McKee's B&H splintered, with one group siding with McKee and the other Jessie Lajoie. By the time of Max Hynes' falling out with McKee, it looks as if Lajoie had reconciled with McKee which, of course, resulted in this:

McKee Associate Convicted and Sentenced in Violent Attack

Really, it's hard to conduct RAHOWA if you continually shoot, stab, or bomb each other in the backs. But hey, don't let us stop you.

One of the more entertaining incidents that occurred during this time was detailed in this blog more than two years ago. Bill Noble, still loosely associated with the McKee faction, had entered into a new relationship with a woman who had more liberal views about human sexuality. Long story short, Noble was photographed at the Winnipeg Gay Pride Festival having a great time.

It didn't take long before Noble was taken to task for his attendance at the event, though he tried to justify it as a sneaky way of proving how intolerant anti-racists really are rather than telling people that he had a blast, made some new friends, and that those criticizing him should jump off a bridge.

Suffice it to say no one bought his explanation and he was booted from the Blood & Honour International forums by the then Canadian moderator and his chief accuser, Jessie Lajoie. And when he learned he had been banned from the forum, Noble threw a hissy fit and went after Lajoie.

Now one would think that two year later Noble might have decided to have let it go and just move on with his life. However, if you believe that you really don't know Bill Noble:

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Hey, boneheads. You do realize that often you are your own worst enemies, don'cha?


Anonymous said...

Bill Noble's comments are actually kinda funny, for a change.

"Stab me in the back, or swallow my sperm" ?

Crying here.

Prunells Whiting said...

Do these folks have any networks in the US?

max hynes said...

hahaha now i know why jessie and metis john are so chummy, their both addicted to creampies rofl!

J.Marleau. said...

Max, you are a papered rat and your crew members openly mention how the talk with the authorities. Remember something Max, when you go to jail, and you will, they will have to keep you with Child Molesters and rapists as you are on the same level as them. All the muscles in the world mean nothing when you have to rely on the police.

Anonymous said...

Lol how you want it the full or he semi?

Anonymous said...

john everyone knows marissa is the rat, i never wrote a statement nor is their any paper work nor was i even supinated to court. but what we all know is you pussies are cowards that wont come to my face, you alberta goofs are a straight up joke. ill go you motherfuckers any day but you goofs are cowards that are too scared to fight like a man and come to my face. then you hide behind a computer. My crew would mangle your crew of feather weight kyle and his crew of elton john and a few sixteen year olds.

max hynes said...

"papered rat" doesnt that require paperwork you fat metis goof

Nostrils200 said...

Please gentlemen, continue. We find this to be an absolutely fascinating exchange.

Anonymous said...

how did the police get marissas name? she may have given a detailed statement but i would guess that someone told the police what happened and the one name that you knew max

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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