Saturday, May 03, 2014

Kyle McKee Writes in the Third Person Now

There was a little update regarding McKee's alleged involvement on the attack against Max Hynes, a one time ally now rival, that took place in the summer of 2012:

White power leader denies role in Kitchener ambush

KITCHENER — The leader of a Calgary-based white supremacy group denies he orchestrated a vicious attack in Kitchener to mete out internal discipline. 

Kyle McKee, 28, a former Kitchener man who heads a neo-Nazi organization called Blood and Honour, was named in court last week when two other people admitted their roles in the plot. 

The facts accepted by Jessie Lajoie, 25, and M.K, 24, specified meetings with McKee while he was in custody for alleged hate crimes in Alberta preceded the armed attack here in the summer of 2012. 

Now free on bail, however, McKee denied involvement in the ambush of Max Hynes, a former group member lured to the park by M.K with a promise of sex. 

"I've never been questioned about it, I haven't been charged and it definitely hasn't been proven," McKee said in an interview from Calgary this week. 

Const. Jeff Gren, the local detective who investigated the case, confirmed McKee hasn't been formally accused of the crime. 

"The short answer is we simply lacked the evidence to proceed with a charge against him," he wrote in an email. 

Gren would not say if McKee was interviewed because it could adversely affect the investigations conducted outside Ontario. 

Hynes, 21, was described in court as a former Blood and Honour organizer in London who had a falling out with McKee "due to a number of unauthorized activities." 

He was hit in the head and slashed twice in the stomach by Lajoie and alleged accomplice Eric Marshall, 26, after they travelled here from Alberta to get him.

That Jessie Lajoie, Eric Marshall, and M.K were involved in a violent attack against Max Hynes would likely have received only a little mainstream media coverage in addition to the focus we would have given it. However at least one bonehead has been keeping the story alive on Stormfront as well:

Gee, ain't that a coincidence? "Freedom Fighter" suggests that the journalist who wrote the original article was incorrect but will soon make some corrects. Lo and behold a couple of days later, and the promised article appears.

"Freedom Fighter" joined Stormfront on May 31, 2013 and has been sporadically active (89 posts as of May 2, 2014) ever since. He has suggested that he is a new but also a long-time activist:


It didn't become too long before this "relatively new" Stormfront member took an inordinate (and surprisingly detailed) interest in the affairs of Kyle McKee. We earlier noted that when Hynes was trying to promote the Southern Ontario Skinheads on Stormfront, "Freedom Fighter" very quickly stepped in to offer his unsolicited $0.02:

He claims that he doesn't have knowledge about the case despite providing some fairly accurate information.... you know.... for someone who doesn't really know any of the parties involved.

"Freedom Fighter" also has an odd interest in the past annual marches that McKee's Blood & Honour (as well as their forerunner Aryan Guard) used to organize:

Come on Kyle! Who you think you're fooling? (Update: Thanks for catching that for us)

It has been all too apparent for quite a while that "Freedom Fighter" is Kyle McKee. Just based on the information posted on Stormfront his identity is clear, though there is additional evidence that we won't yet publish but which provides 100% certainty as to his identity.

In any case, it is apparent that Kyle has decided the whole aggressive public activism hasn't worked out so well and as a result he has opted for subtlety and subterfuge, though he's not all that good at the subterfuge part. He claims the marches are a thing of the past and instead is trying to quietly recruit new members. At the same time he is trying to undermine his rival in Ontario in a rather underhanded and devious manner.

For our part, we are enjoying the show, some of which can be found in the comments section of this blog. Even Max has decided to mix it up a little.... online of course:

lol anonymous aka jessie "cockold" lajew, you can spread all the lies and gossip you want. Reality is it wont bring back what is a completely dead scene in calgary. Your little microfuhrer kyle is on his way fast to being a scrawny, broke version of bill riccio (that is if you consider a couch your bumming off of a aryan compound).

Actually Max, there's a pretty good chance the Anonymous commentator you are referring to is McKee, though that we can't prove definitively.

Still, with all the accusations flying about, we can't help but wonder something.

Just how is it that McKee is not currently in jail?

We know that McKee was arrested for assault back in October 2013 and released on bail a couple of months later. Based on the article we posted at the start of the blog entry as well as information that was provided to us recently, there is also reason to suspect that he may have been implicated in another assault for which he is currently also out on bail a second time (this needs to be looked into more). Given McKee's extensive criminal record, it strikes as odd that he was granted bail once, never mind perhaps twice. Also, while the evidence from the tapped jailhouse recordings were enough to help implicate Lajoie and Marshall in the attack on Hynes, it isn't strong enough to definitively link McKee to the crime?

Lajoie and Marshall received three years. McKee is currently free.

We find all of this to be very, very, interesting. In fact, we find it very interesting to note that there have been a number of people associated at one time with McKee who have been, or are currently, serving sentences, some for rather extended periods.

And McKee is not.

Food for thought. Interpret that information any way you wish.

But one thing is certain. Despite his effort to conceal his identity, it doesn't take much for the old McKee to surface in his posts:

Also mentioned in this post.


Anonymous said...

Clearly he has another proof-reading girlfriend. ;)

Anonymous said...

Spelling mistake, bottom third under a screenshot:

"You you think you're fooling?"

Anonymous said...

It seems a tad too literate to be McKee, or he found someone to proofread for him... The info this guy knows seems to make sense that it's him though...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, it's time to do some research and see if Mr. McKee happens to be related to a lawyer, judge or crown prosecutor...

Anonymous said...

He might be related to a lawyer or judge etc... or more likely he's a RAT

Anonymous said...

HAHA Hollywood McKee exposed for what he is.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody snitched out his friends(ex-friends haha) to avoid jail time..

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Antifa faggots.

Anonymous said...

He thinks he is careful and my hat is off to him for beating the statistics this far. I always thought Rob was smarter. Perhaps Rob's weakness was his alcoholism and mental illnesses (I'm sure Kyle has similar issues, but he manages it a little better).
Anyway, it's just a matter of time before he slips and ends up behind bars for good. Either that or he is going to get killed. Gang members don't have a very high life expectancy. It's a waste of existence, if you think about it. The person could do anything and decides to be Kyle Mckee, the nazi... really. What a waste.

CapN_Cook said...

lol funny that im reading this about a year later and ive been searching a lot of this Mckee guy, but the most sad part i find is, that you guys photoshopped the posts.. how can the post about him being new there and prob just register'd and already have 76 post's ? ive been on the web for a long time and ive made forums where i needed to copy paste a lot of rules over and over again in different topics, I do like that you guys bring the "truth" to call it like that now out, but that you photoshop the pic and than say like: "Freedom Fighter" joined Stormfront on May 31, 2013 and has been sporadically active (89 posts as of May 2, 2014) ever since. He has suggested that he is a new but also a long-time activis"

So u want us to believe that he posted only 13 times in a year? sure...

Kurt Phillips said...

CapN_Cook: They are not photo shopped. We took the screen shot on the day McKee posted the messages (or a couple of days later in some cases). Since then he has posted numerous more times on Stormfront.