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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part II

In one of our previous posts, we briefly introduced our readers to the Southern Ontario "Skinheads'" most recent member:

Meet Brodie Walsh, aka "Bee Walsh" aka "Bee Fresh" aka "Straightt Menacee." On the surface, Brodie seems to be a perfect fit for the SOS. After all, he has started posting the appropriate "White Pride World Wide" photos:

And he likes taking shirtless selfies almost as much as Hynes does:

There's just one fly in the ointment. You see up until very recently, Mr. Walsh styled himself as a bit of a rapper:

There are a lot more of Walsh, "freestyling" than the example we provided above. That being said, the reality is that Walsh really isn't all that out of place considering the number of members/associates who have or had been immersed in this particular subculture.

But really, it isn't Walsh's past involvement in the urban music scene that we find problematic. It's stuff like this that is cause for concern:

The Woodstock Police Service has arrested and charges five city residents as part of its investigation into the trafficking of crack cocaine.

As a result of this Feb. 14/Feb. 15 investigation, Woodstock's criminal intelligence and drug enforcement units executed a search warrant at a James Street residence that resulted in the arrests. 
Brodie Walsh, 19, of Brantford was charged with breach of probation, trafficking in a controlled substance, possession of property obtained by crime, possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of a controlled substance.

It would appear that Walsh has had frequent run ins with the popo, something he further confirms when he posted the following video to quiet his doubters:

It should be noted that Walsh says he is NOT proud of his record. He simply created the video to prove that he has a long arrest record.... a record he has posted on the wall as if it constitutes some sort of trophy.

Yeah, that might seem like he IS proud of his arrest record, but you would be wrong. Just as you would be wrong if you thought he was bragging about being arrested here:

London man facing weapons charges posts photo of his arrest on Facebook

By Dale Carruthers, The London Free Press
A man arrested by heavily armed police officers at a London mall last week is displaying a front page Free Press photo of his arrest on Facebook.

Brodie Walsh, 20, of London, was arrested outside White Oaks Mall on Thursday after police received information a man was seen in the mall carrying a gun.

His dramatic daytime arrest, involving nearly a dozen police officers, including members of the emergency response unit and a K-9 unit, was captured by a Free Press photographer.

Now, Walsh is using the image — showing him handcuffed on the ground while officers surround him with guns drawn — as his profile picture on Facebook, with the title “Fedz got me.”

“Its not like I do this s*** on purpose . . . just thought it was a badd ass picture,” Walsh wrote.

Nor is he proud of being arrested in Medicine Hat, Alberta for allegedly being involved in a home invasion and assault with a weapon:

And god forbid if you suggest he is proud of other behaviors which might suggest other alleged criminal malfeasance during the past 6 months:

We would like to believe that Walsh is an anomaly and that other members of the SOS don't have as extensive a criminal history. In fact it is Walsh's frequent involvement with the criminal justice system that seems to make him fit in with the SOS. We provide a few examples now.

Though he seems to have disappeared, Luke Northmore was arrested back in 2011 in which the article suggests previous domestic abuse:

Lucius R. Northmore, 32, was convicted of causing a public disturbance by throwing a recycling bin and kicking the car of his estranged partner in March when she wouldn't open her door to him, and violating an order attached to his bail that forbid him from communicating with her. His sentencing was suspended, he was placed on probation for 18 months and ordered to co-operate with any assessment, counselling or treatment directed by his probation supervisor, including the Partner Abuse Response program.

Jared Gilkes (who inadvertently helped bring the SOS to public attention) was convicted and sentenced to two year in 2009 for possession of stolen goods. Again, the article alludes to an extensive criminal record:

Gilkes had been under investigation by the OPP crime unit looking into a rash of snowmobile thefts in the area around that time, said Grey County Crown attorney David Hay.

Gilkes, who was arrested in Mount Forest Jan. 8, possessed two stolen snowmobiles. He admitted he knew at least one of the snowmobiles was stolen, Hay said. Gilkes said he got it from a "guy" who "owed him money." No name was given.

While in jail on convictions in Guelph court for other crimes, he admitted to police he possessed a second snow machine, which was stolen from Markdale.

Gilkes also failed to report to a probation officer in Walkerton Sept. 18.

The bulk of his charges stemmed from Aug. 3 last year. He was stopped at a RIDE spot check in Dymond Township while he rode a 2008 Harley Davidson.
He was charged with possessing a driver's licence knowing it was stolen and with fraudulently identifying himself to police as someone else.

Gilkes intended to plead guilty to a drug possession charge but it was not transferred to Owen Sound court in time.

Gilkes also had nine breaches of a probation order issued in Guelph in March, 2007 by committing the Temiskaming crimes.

He also failed to attend court in Haileybury, also in the Temiskaming area, Sept. 26.

Gilkes had a criminal record which wasn't referred to in detail but it was considered as part of the sentence. The imprisonment was recommended by Crown and defence.

Justice Julia Morneau imprisoned Gilkes and also took away his driving privileges for life.


Adrian Graves also served time in prison for drug trafficking and, again, the article alludes to a past criminal history going back to 1997:

Adrian Graves, one of three men arrested under "Project Germane," was given two years for possession for the purpose of trafficking but was credited one year for time served while in custody awaiting sentencing.

Graves, who pleaded guilty to the charges against him, has been in jail since Nov. 25, 2008, the day of his arrest. 

Judge Robert Gorin told Graves it was only his early guilty plea that kept the sentence from being three years instead of two. 

Gorin added the drug trade "results in devastating effects on (our) country's social fabric, in particular the social fabric of the NWT. 

"Those that prey on the addictions of others must be denounced," he said. 

Graves has 14 previous convictions on his criminal record, which dates back to 1997, but has a gap between February 2003 and his most recent charges in 2008. His previous convictions include arson, assault, uttering threats, possession of property obtained by crime and an earlier conviction for possession for the purpose of trafficking in 2003. 

Graves was charged as part "Project Germane," RCMP G Division's investigation into the drug trade, after a search warrant was executed Nov. 24, 2008 at his Fraser Arms residence. 

During the course of the search police found "various items associated with the drug trade," said Crown prosecutor Glen Boyd. 

Police later located Graves and found $1,940 in "various small bills" on him, which Graves admitted was the proceeds from crime, said Boyd. 

Graves' Ford Taurus was also searched. Police found 69.7 grams of crack cocaine in the centre console of the vehicle. It was packaged into 11 separate baggies and had a street value between $7,000 and $7,500, said Boyd. At the time, Graves admitted the drugs were for the purpose of trafficking, added Boyd. 

Boyd's words on the effects of drug trafficking in the NWT were similar to those of Gorin: "This type of behaviour needs to be denounced."

"Joe White." Not technically a member as he does not now live in Ontario currently (at least as far as we are aware) but certainly friends with SOS members and in agreement with their views. "Joe White," which is likely not his real name, has been open and proud of his criminal past:

He also seems hell-bent on going back to prison:

We could also go into detail regarding Gatlin Gooding's relatively minor vandalism charges, but we think our readers get the point.

We know our longtime readers already had the SOS pegged. But for those who think this is just a group expressing "pride" for their culture, well, we hope those readers have a fuller picture now.


Anonymous said...

these guys aren't a white power gang they are a white powder gang lol

Anonymous said...

I see the Canadian justice system works.

These idiots need to be locked up, dealing drugs, robbing people, beating up their wives... They aren't skinheads they are pathetic criminals that don't deserve to breathe the same air as us.

Cormac O'Begley said...

Reppin S.O.S. Straight the F**K Up! Knowmsayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyin'! Medicine Hat, hard as f**k! PAYCE!

Seriously though, does he really talk like he does in the video where he "shows off his record?" LOL... My little brother would be able to rob this goof. That video is the funniest shit i've seen since the "St. Albert Hoodstars" video

Anonymous said...

Put a shirt on you ugly bastard. LOL

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make this shit up. These clowns can't even run their own lives let alone lead anybody to doing something positive.

you all need a life said...

you dont even know my criminal record you stupid fucks of course you wouldnt go into detail

Anonymous said...

This is too funny. Baffling funny.

Anonymous said...

Ive been a nationalist most of my life and cunts like you are worse for your race than any leftwing or antifa group ever in existence. An utter embarrassment to your race.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with enough "skill" to operate Google, knows your criminal background, numb nuts.

Unknown said...

You guys are fu king pussys all you do is sitt behind a computer and talk shit why dont u all get a life istead of hiden behind a computer writin from anonymous acoount ur problwy a bunch of old child molester goofs u know what if u put your name on here id at least reapect but you guys are litterly cowards news flash look at the world n whats going on you ignorant peices of shityou got sumthing to say about me come say it to my face you fucking pussys you know nothing about me or what the fuck ive bin thru so as far as I'm concern you yellow bellyd cowards should go crawl back up your moms pussy and be reborn a man cause you fucked up you fucking pussy eat a dick get a life losers

Anonymous said...

You are aware that they quoted a source which quoted another source which was the one who was not going into detail on the criminal record?

So it's actually not the ARC you should address. You are even smarter than the ARC showed you to be haha

Anonymous said...

These proud white men always make me laugh. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever in an individual being proud of who they are. Pride in ones culture is healthy in my mind. Black pride, white pride, brown pride or yellow pride its all the same to me.

Now that I have stated my feelings lets look at these jems featured in most of these articles.

Where on earth do they derive their pride from?

Great jobs - doubt it
High I.Q - not likely
Professional appearance - nope
Physical stature - lacking
Orator skills - questionable
Coolness factor - In their own minds
Role models for youth - that's a negative

What do they have to be proud of??????

I am a proud white man by earning my pride. Not because of my skin color at birth but by years of discipline and hard work.

These human dumpsters give white people a bad image. Makes me embarrassed to call them my people.

Not sure if the moderators will allow this post through due to my statement of personal white pride. But hey you never know.

Cormac O'Begley said...

to: you all need a life
We couldn't care less about your 'record', we just wanted some laughs at a confused bonehead "rapper"s expense. Thanks, I guess...

Unknown said...

Any of you goofz actulie wanna be man enough to say something to my face himmie a shout untel then you guys are cowards

Anonymous said...

so this guy breaches and is caught selling and possessing drugs and is still out of jail? something smells funny......

Anonymous said...

How 'bout them Blue Jays?

Anonymous said...

himmie a shout, bro!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see proud white gentleman like the one who commented on here, but clearly isn't a racist. I don't see anything wrong in being proud of your race. The thing with "white pride" is that most of the people that say it, are in truth racist white supremacists, that have no tolerance for anyone else of different race and background, and I think they ruin white pride for those, and like the gentleman above, who are genuinely proud of their race with no racist background included. Cheers to the proud white man who isn't associated with Neo Nazi influence!

Big Greezy 519 said...

brodie walsh used to have pictures of him sitting in the front seat, driver side of a brantford police marked car, wearing a brantford police hat, and when asked about it he got all bend outta shape and took it down, and its well known info that in the raid in woodstock, ontatrio. he ratted out his ppl which is why he got out right away clearly, and then was in PC in the Brantford jail. when he got out after snitching on another guy in another unrelated crime.. the real thugs came out and pistol whipped him in the face, and told him not to come back to the city, now hes only ever come back to goto court and even there hes not safe, he was shook down n slapped up right out front of the brantford courthouse, anyone who hangs around this goof should really know who he is. just cause someone does criminal things. doesnt make them solid. he claimed to be a member of the crips in toronro, then claimed to be a member of the MS-13 which is a latino only gang. far from any white boy skinhead gangs, then later he claimed to be part of the "loners MC" and shortly after that he claim to be part of the"outlaws MC" so he went from a mainly all african american gang member, to becoming a rival latino only gang member, to a biker to a biker in a completely different club. to this SOS shit. this SOS shit is prob the realest thing hes been a part of, the loners and outlaws he hs family memebers a part of from what i was told. but he also has family memebers whom are police officers. hence why he was sitting front seat with a policemans hat on in his own fb pics yrs ago. I can go on n on about more ish that this idiot and waste of life has done ans hasnt done. but that should be more than enough.