Monday, August 20, 2012

Sturrup Murder Trial April 2013. Co-accused Reitmeier's Trial 7 Months Later

An update especially important for those who don't consider neo-Nazis to be a threat.

Tyler Sturrup and Robert Reitmeier both face second-degree murder charges

Trial dates are now set for both men accused of beating 47-year-old Mark Mariani to death in a 16th Avenue parking lot in 2010.

It was decided on Friday in a Calgary courtroom that Tyler Sturrup will face a judge and jury in April 2013. Seven months later, the fate of his co-accused Robert Reitmeier will be decided in the same fashion — a date that had been previously set.

Both men face second-degree murder charges.

Both Reitmeier and Sturrup have ties to a neo-nazi group, but police say that wasn’t the motive for the crime, which they believe was a random act.

The two were arrested in June of 2011, eight months after Mariani’s death.

At the time of his death, police said they believed there was a third attacker.

The arrests were made after a Crime Stoppers re-enactment and a plea to the public for help.


Anonymous said...

Meth-head goofs.

Anonymous said...

On the other end of the spectrum, whatever happened with the murder of Jan Korith? No arrests?

Kurt Phillips said...

Try to keep up. Jan was engaging in a crime (a home invasion) and attacked the occupant of the residence. The occupant was injured but managed to mortally wound Jan who fled the scene. He died shortly after as a result of his injury.

It seems that, while tragic (because believe it or not, we don't want to see anyone die, including members of racist organizations), this was a case of self-defence.

Anonymous said...

Robert Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup are said to be players in a white supremacist subculture, police have said those possible affiliations had nothing to do with the killing, which seems to be a random act of violence.

But, as they gathered evidence culminating in arrests eight months after the Oct. 3, 2010, killing it would appear, in part, the writing was on the wall -- a red swastika scrawled on the side of a building where Mariani was attacked.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't one of these scumbags charged with rape in another incident? What's going on with that trial?
Or is it over?

Bonehead rapists, murders, home invaders. Such a staggering amount of crime coming from a minority of our population! What a disgrace these "people" are.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the charges were dropped in the rape case.
He still have "forceable confinement" and "sexual assult" on his record, though he will not be facing any time for that said crime.