Friday, November 25, 2011

Why We Call Them Boneheads Part Infinity +1

Oh, how we loves us our fan mail.

This one comes from "IrishHostility" who is quite displeased that we decided not to post a comment she made taking umbrage at a recent post concerning the White Nationalist movement and then claims not to be about hate.... though we're sure that referring to herself as "IrishHostility" might raise the irony flag for some of our readers:

I love how cowardly you pricks are.

We'll howdy to you too. You seem sort of upset. Angry even. One might even suggest you are being hateful.

Perish the thought!

You don't like to post my comments or those of us 'boneheads' when they make you look bad?

Trust us deary, when we don't publish your posts, we're probably doing you all a huge favor, however we would be pleased to publish your erudite, well-considered, statement here now and allow our readers to decide if there is any cognitive dissonance in what you claim compared to what you have written:

The movement is always about hate.
I know plenty of WP who are simply white pride jut because they live their life, race and heritage/culture.
Just because most of the people in the movement are hateful, doesn't mean all of us are.
And again, some people have a pretty good reason to dislike other races.
For one, I know 3 women in the movement who were RAPED. Forced into sexual relations by a non-white man.
Not saying that no white man had ever raped a woman. Bit still.. Its not always blind, reason-free hate.
Also, look at what immigration is doing to, not only Canada and the US, but also Great Britain.
So, quit lumping all of us into the same group.
It's NOT always about hate.
So fuck you all at ARC
with your hypocritical anti-nationalist bullshit.
It's people like you that cater to the 'minorities' and those immigrants who are destroying our country.
You and your ilk call it being "Politically correct" and "multicultural"...
Blah blah blah.
I have nothing against people of other cultures as long as they aren't trying to shove their beliefs down my throat.
Fuck them and their asses wanting special treatment.
I had some Muslim woman tell me on November 11, Remberence Day, that my wearing a poppy offended her.
Wearing a poppy for our lost soldiers and our veterans as well as our current soldiers serving us is a sign of respect.
If it wasn't for those who fought for our country, those people wouldn't be here!
So, why don't you antifa pricks stop and think some more before blasting all of us for the acts of some.
You didn't really like when I called you all commies before, so stop generalizing all of us.
At least we have conviction in what we stand for. Sure, our means aren't all the same, but we are all working towards the same goal.
Look at statistics. As of now, whites are the minority. We still get fucked over so that immigrants can feel welcome here.
Wait until your every day jobs are taken from you and you become obsolete because you get replaced by some fucking beaner who will work for 25% less than what your wage was.. Then you'll be singing a different tune.
Again, its not always about hate, it's about the preservation of OUR CULTURE, RACE and HERITAGE.
So take *YOUR* HATEFUL propaganda bullshit and fuck yourselves. 

Happy? Because, you do realize that you kinda, sorta, contadict everything you initially claimed to be as you wrote this. Sort of makes you look unhinged and, dare we say, stupid.

Like we wrote earlier, we were doing you a favor.

But please, go on.

Or is it that you're taking your sweet ass time to analyze what I've said, yet again, before you twist it all up and then post it?

You're under the mistaken impression that it requires a great deal of brain power to address the arguments of  the average bonehead. Really, this writer is currently a little drunk and still feels a little guilty beating up on you.

Everyone has their right to be heard.

What if you're mute?

Oh! You mean the right to post your blithering ravings all over the place on the Internet.

Actually no. No you don't have that right. We'll explain why.

We'll try to use small words so you can understand us.

Everyone. All races. It's a basic human right. 

Sure. But you seem to be mistaking us for a public institution or government agency of some sort. If we, as the government, were trying to suppress your rights, then you would have a legitimate argument. But as we are a blog run by a group of private individuals, you're sort of out of luck with that argument. Besides, you can post all the bile you wish on Stormfront, VNN or other bonehead racist forum. Funny thing is we're willing to bet that none of our members would be afforded the rights there that you demand of us here.

Just because I'm white pride doesn't mean I hate other races. It just means I prefer white men, white families and white rights.

Oh, we know that first part isn't true. Don't try to kid yourself or us. You'll just continue to embarrass yourself.

I will never fornicate with a non-white man...

Why is it that we don't think that will be much of a problem in your case?

You might want to keep in mind though that most of the, white men in your movement don't hold as high opinion of your gender as you hold of them.

but they are still human and have the right to their opinion.

And how, pray tell, are we stopping you from having your opinion? Because we decided not to pass one of your comments through moderation, you are no longer permitted to believe as you do? Hell, if we knew that we had that sort of power of persuasion, our lead writer would get far more dates.

As do us 'boneheads'.

Absolutely, which why we would suggest that you start your own blog to express your views. We would suspect you might average as many as 6 unique readers per day.

You want to blather on about something? No one's stopping you. Have at 'er.

Think about that as you pick apart my last 'comment'


She sure told us a thing or two.

Please keep it coming boneheads. We might not publish your comments, but they are always welcome.

Because they often make us laugh.


Anonymous said...

I'd be offended to if i saw some neo-nazi shit wearing a poppy to. ARE Veterans that killed Nazi shit bags. All of you in white nationalist movement are just very cold people cold just down right fucking cold. And you are liars like the banksters of wall street.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey my my. Can anyone tell me how meany neo-nazis it takes to light a meth pipe? anyone? anyone? It's going to be a joke so anyone?

Anonymous said...

This just made me giggle. As far as her saying you all are (pricks)? LOL. Tell her thankyou very much AS pricks are very useful.

Anonymous said...

@IrishHostility: Please proof read your comments and use simple grammar. Not only will the ARC better understand you, but maybe they won't think us "boneheads" are F@#$ing stupid. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I would direct Ms "IrishHostility" to check out the cartoons of Mr Thomas Nast, particularly those that relate to the Irish. She might find the sentiment and language eerily identical to how she seems to view "minorities and... immigrants".