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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Shakeup in Blood & Honour Calgary

When we posted our Halloween video, we didn't anticipate the discussion that would result, but it ended up being very interesting:

Jonathan Besler said...

[Kyle’s girlfriend] has broken up with Kyle and is starting a new life.

Nosferatu200 said...

So the quality of Kyle's writing will again resemble that of a six year old child in remedial English?

Interesting, though we aren't sure what this news has to do with zombie Nazis. And then there's the whole taking whatever you claim with a grain of salt. But we are nothing if not fair.

Of course if it is true, we would be more than pleased if [Kyle’s girlfriend] decides to get in touch with us. You know, to clear up that dirty conscience of hers.

Jonathan Besler said...

You must meet some rather special 6 year olds; I'd rate Kyle's spelling at least as well as most high school grads these days. I suppose if I shared your grade-school maturity level I'd berate you for the rather ironic errors in your articles in return.

I would have taken the news with a grain of salt myself if I hadn't heard it direct, though I was surprised you hadn't heard it yet from that CI you brag about, and had an article up about it.

I don't know anything about a dirty conscience; I suppose she'll send some kind of statement.

Jonathan Besler said...

I should apologize for any undue offense to grade-schoolers for my last comment; I don't recall anyone teasing a student for poor spelling when I was in school and, given the current policy of "creative spelling", I suppose there will be no increase in such activity.

Nosferatu200 said...

Considering Kyle is, what? 25? We're not sure we would aspire to spell at a high school level (but really, have you actually read his work before proof reading?). And you shouldn't mistake "berating" for "mocking."

We're also very well aware of the occasional spelling error in our work. We welcome correction. That, and as we don't claim to be members of a superior "master" race, we give ourselves a little more leeway. ;)

This might come as a shock to you, but after seeing the stills from McKee's sex video, we have had absolutely no interest in his love life. Besides, we knew it wouldn't last. She's far too old for his tastes.

Jonathan Besler said...

Mock, tease, bully, infantile; certainly not characteristics of the sort of person I aspire to be.
This may come as a shock to you, but I never considered the railings of "Untermench" by those like you to be anything more than projection.

Nosferatu200 said...

"Bully" you say?

"Railings" you say?

Right. Try to intimidate the cops. How'd that work out?

We do love the impudent frustration you and your friends express in the video. Warms the cockles of our cold, cold hearts.

And in answer to the question you posed in the video, the answer is yes, we do. ;)

Jonathan Besler said...

LOL aww that's so cute of you. *pinches cheek*
Well looking back on it after recovering from the humiliation and physical and emotional pain of getting beat down for my impudence I figured it worked out pretty good...and the question was rhetorical, I already knew the answer on both your parts. I doubt he would have threatened to arrest me for "obstruction" if I tried to cross the line if he though otherwise of me.
Well I'm done with this conversation so TTFN.

Anonymous said...

Now, which is the greater irony?

To answer the question posed in the video: despite the fact that he apparently has a unique ability among boneheads to string a coherent sentence together... yes, they do think he's 'fucking stupid'. Although I must admit that such a judgment is based on their interactions with him, and not necessarily with any of the pseudo-intellectual ramblings he produces.

kyle mckee said...

so this is kyle and yes her prioritys changed and so did our relationship status! not sure what caused the change of heart but what ever! as far as clearing her conscience who knows maybe she will run around saying sorry to all the scumbags she has ever said a bad thing about but if you meen for her to snitch no matter what i think of her i don't think she is that dumb! lol and considering the things the left has tryed to do such as flyering her school i wouldn't hold your breath for a kind word from her!

Nosferatu200 said...

NOTE TO READERS: We didn't alter Kyle's message in any way which, given the preceding exchange with Besler, is funny as hell.

No, no, we don't expect a kind word, though we at ARC were not the ones who posted the flyers (the revised flyers that were posted we fully supported though). But if she were to send us a note wanting to make amends for the damages she was a party to, well, we wouldn't refuse to speak with her. We're also very discrete; you have no idea how many of your former associates (and current associates for that matter) are in touch with us. People you would least expect in many cases. We don't expect that to happen though, but that is neither here nor there. What we think is most important is that your ex move on with her life, become a productive member of society (because, and let's be honest, you sure as hell aren't) and forget that she was ever involved with you and organized racism.

As for being dumb, we never thought that she was. In fact, while we never thought her to be a brilliant woman, we did and do consider her to be very capable and quite bright, which of course always caused us to question why she would involve herself with an illiterate such as yourself who was clearly beneath her. But you go on to write, "i [sic] don't think she is that dumb" in a rather threatening manner. That says more about your own fears than it does about hers.

We've subsequently confirmed all of this to the best of our abilities.

Okay. Big deal right? In fact we can anticipate the criticism, much of it justified, that we would even bother posting relationship gossip. Certainly we admitted when we noted the end of McKee's relationship with the mother of his child (whom we've been led to understand he sees very little of now) the post was puerile in nature.

We think this one is a little different.

Kyle's ex was sort of the brains behind McKee and in his absence while he was in jail tried to keep Blood & Honour active in Calgary, including the effort to organize the "White Pride Day" march this past March 19. Had the movement not been so misogynistic (the boys aren't big fans of being in a subordinate position to the ladies) it might have been more successful.

Though she made some stupid choices, she wasn't stupid herself.

So it begs the question. What does this mean for the Blood & Honour movement in Calgary now without what may have been a moderating force at McKee's side? Time will tell, but our guess is that it doesn't bode well for their long-term success.

As for McKee's ex, our readers (who know her by name) will notice that we are refraining from naming her. If she is genuinely looking at moving on, we don't want to hinder that effort. Of course there is the reality that her name is still found on this blog as well as her picture.

So, we are asking Kyle's ex to contact us.

We know you loathe us "N" and that we are likely the last people you want to speak to. But we want to hear from you that you are done and are moving on. If you do this, we will edit the articles in which your name and photo appears. No strings attached and no expectations of a quid pro quo. Despite our feelings towards you and the harm we know you were a party to during the past three years, we aren't willing to put you in danger because, let's be honest, you know better than most what kind of a person Kyle is if he feels he has been betrayed.

So, the offer is you contact us. Tell us you're done and want to forget your past life; no need to share information. We work towards removing information about you here.

Choice is yours, but we think it's a good idea.


Anonymous said...

She made some choices that will keep coming back to her through the rest of her life. As far as I'm concerned, she deserves it.

I still think flyering the school was good. It sends a really simple message: You don't get to be a Nazi and still have a normal life. The fact that it gets all the troglodytes at Free Dominion rattled just sweetens the pot. And rattled they should be: sooner or later some of them are going to have to own up to the hateful bile they write on their.

Anonymous said...

"You don't get to be a nazi and have a normal life"?? How come you folks believe in equality for everyone, gay rights, gay marriage, freedom of religion and that no one should be discriminated against, unless they have different opinions than you??.. in which case it's OK to do things that may cost them their livelihood job home or otherwise?. For people who preach equality you sure as hell discriminate people for their beliefs. You will.knowingly do things that.can ruin someones life just cause they have a different belief than you..that's discrimination just as much as any "Nazi" would do. I suppose you probably ly won't post this

NomDeGuerre200 said...

Yeah, and we suppose pedophiles should be allowed to spread child pornography far and wide in service of the cause of "free speech" and "equality for all," and drawing attention to such individuals would be wrong. (-end sarcasm-).

We think you're a little confused about what equality means. It doesn't mean you have the unimpeded right to harm other people, to lump together and defame entire groups of diverse individuals, and to make people feel less safe, secure and welcome in their communtiies. Equality is both a right and a responsibility. You can't demand it for yourself and try to remove it from others, and neo-Nazis (oh, sorry - "White Nationalists") most certainly want to remove rights from certain groups of people. Obviously a gay pride parade and a "white pride" parade (we use the bonehead-preferred term, though "white power" would be more accurate) are two very different things - one is a celebration that invites others, no matter their sexual orientation or background, to join in - the other communicates hatred and exclusion, and the idea that some people do not belong in this country as much as others. You might notice that this blog focuses on those who are working to publicly spread racism, either individually or through organized hate groups. You can privately entertain whatever idiocy you want - we aren't the thought police. But if you try to compromise communities and incite hatred against those who aren't white enough or straight enough, you're damn right we will call you out for that.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't 'discriminated' for her beliefs. She was outed as a white supremacist after she made a half-hearted attempt at trying to hide it.

I think it's pretty cute when boneheads feel as if they've been wronged in some way by a hypocritical enemy when in reality they simply lack the ability to grasp basic logic.

Anonymous said...

What about the many groups like NAACP and others who specifically strive to advance someone of only a certain race?. What about the double standard of many races ethnicities religions etcetera who believe mixing of races is wrong? What about any other race being encouraged to be proud of who and what they are except whites? Also the common occurance of communist beliefs among antis, when communism is responsible for more atrocities and genocides than any form of facial, Nazism, racism etc? A person of color not wanting their children to mix with whites is the same as whites not wanting mixing, but is held as them "preserving their culture" same with Jews and Muslims, they both strictly forbid mixing of races, and nobody counts that as racism.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with your previous statements is that every race with the exception of "white" (those of European descent) is allowed and in fact celebrated for their "pride" Yet if it is a white person they are automatically labeled racist and a Nazi........ I know you probably wont post this, but i also know its only because deep down you know its true...

NomDeGuerre200 said...

Actually, a lot of people do consider that racism (ourselves included). Nice try, though. If you have an aversion to race-mixing, that's your choice (though personally we think it's a shitty one) and you are free not to do it, but nobody has the right to dictate who others have the right to mate with. Do you honestly believe that Muslims and Jews never race-mix? Perhaps you should put away the WN propaganda and take look around once in a while.

But this is starting to bore us, and we probably shouldn't have bothered humouring you in the first place. Occasionally we will let comments like yours pass moderation just to prove a point about bonehead logic. If you don't get that there is a huge difference between a historically disadvantaged group advocating for equal rights, and a group that is not disadvantaged forming around principles of supremacy and advocating that others lose their rights... well, then you probably never will. Maybe you should do a little reading about the conditions that led to the formation of the NAACP, before you make such a nonsensical comparison. And spare us the crap about whites not being allowed to have pride. When was the last time you saw a Brown Pride Parade? They don't exist. Non-whites have ethnic festivals and cultural events just like white people do, and nobody says you aren't allowed to have St. Patrick's Day or Oktoberfest, or become a Highland Dancer, or celebrate your language, or anything else. What do you want, a prize for being born pale?

But don't worry your little head with a silly thing like critical thinking. Just call us all commies and go on drinking the kool aid.

Anonymous said...

yes people have said that "white" customs cannot continue...... just think about it a little will you.... no Halloween costumes at school???? no more saying Merry Christmas you must say happy holidays instead????? and many others... the way this country and many others cater to immigrants is disgusting..... If i were to move to another country i would be expected to conform to the customs of that country it should be the same here and if the immigrants don't like it they should go home....

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as ""The White Race""!!! There are Irish people, Polish people, French people etc. And even in these groups there is a variety of skin tones and unique cultural traditions. Celebrate your cultural traditions all you want, just do not burn crosses on another's property, or beat up and harass racial minorities, plant pipe-bombs and all the other criminal shit you nazis do. Is the reason that you nazis hate interracial relationships is because there is not one good looking nazi woman? Good looking women never become nazis.

Anonymous said...

"Is the reason that you nazis hate interracial relationships is because there is not one good looking nazi woman? Good looking women never become nazis."

I beg to differ. I am most definitely an anti-racist and do not in any way support her beliefs, but "Sonne" is a beautiful girl. Kyle lost an attractive lady.

Anonymous said...

There most definitely is a "white race". Just because there are white people from different locations/cultures/socioeconomic status, does not mean they aren't "white", just as black people can be from Africa, the Caribbean, or *gasp* even Canada!

When certain groups are historically disadvantaged, those who are not part of an oppressed group benefit from others exclusion. That is why white people benefit from systemic racism, just as men benefit from sexism, heterosexuals benefit from heterosexism, able-bodied people benefit from an able-ist society and on and on and on.

White people, are by no means a homogeneous group, however, by virtue of their skin colour, they have many more privilges than a person of colour has, in a myriad of ways. Not recognizing whiteness as a racial identity perpetuates the notion that racism "is over."

I am white, and I benefit from white privilege everyday.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #6: Actually the people who lobby against Halloween costumes at schools are not generally "immigrants" (I guess by that you mean non-whites) but conservative, and generally white, Christians. Just as a lot of the people who get bent out of shape over "Merry Christmas" are for the most part white and either styling themselves as pagans or non-religious. And generally it's because their beliefs are being offended and not out because of anyone else's. In fact I cannot think of a single example where I've seen someone from another culture getting bent out of shape over any sort of "White" custom or holiday. If you can prove that the "immigrants" are killing Christmas or Halloween could you provide it?

SHARPskin said...

Hey Dumbass,

It's white Christians who are trying to ban Halloween costumes in schools. You know, YOUR kind of people.

And for the record, communism is a disgusting ideology with a terrible history of mass murder. But if the best argument you can come up with is "at least we're not the only assholes who want to kill everyone who doesn't agree with us," I think it's time for you to give up and go home.

Besides, the vast majority of the antis who chase you off the streets, cause you to cower in a library or make you sit in a puddle and slap yourself silly aren't communists.

We're anarchists, liberals, apoliticals and hell, even conservatives. You're so fucking despicable that we'll actually take a break from arguing amongst ourselves to expose you for the cowardly sacks of shit you really are.

Anonymous said...

Communism isn't Stalinism viz. the system that ruled the USSR.

Looks like someone else needs to actually take up the study of theory and history.

SHARPskin said...

Really? Communism in practice doesn't have much in the way of shining exemplars of tolerance. Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Castro all oppressed and murdered those who criticized them, even when that criticism was from leftists asking for MORE freedom, MORE workers control of production and LESS elites telling everyone what to do.

I majored in history with a minor on political science, focusing on social relations in twentieth century Europe. Not everyone who disagrees with you is uneducated or lacking in intelligence.

Anonymous said...

The only inflammatory stuff on the flyer, by the way, was "Sonne's" own words.

It's really fucking rich that you Freedominion people think it's an awful attack on free speech to simply publish someone's opinions where their classmates can see them, while you don't seem at all troubled by the free speech implications of her boyfriend trying to set someone's house on fire to silence them and sending a goon squad around to beat up political opponents.

Anonymous said...

Who fucking cares i can't belive this got some much attention im really considering not coming back on this

Nosferatu200 said...

Bye bye. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hibler has been trying to cosy up to Kyle in light of this, so gross

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!!! Thanks alot Nos... Big meanie

Anonymous said...

haha SHARPskin, who did Marx oppress and murder? if you're going to claim that you're educated, perhaps don't make such outlandish statements

Anonymous said...

It's the theory Karl Marx was behind in that time, that worked a lot of serfs to death. After all, they were nothing more than the bourgiousie punching bag.