Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ouwendyk Libel Payments

Hey, look what we managed to get a hold of:

Above is a copy of what we believe is the latest payment from Jason Ouwendyk courtesy of his bankruptcy trustee. Our readers may recall Ouwendyk's bankruptcy trustee accepted the full claim for damages from Mr. Warman’s libel suit against him when Ouwendyk sought bankruptcy protection:

At some point in the fall of 2005, the website of the London, Ontario white supremacist group Northern Alliance ( went down for reasons that remain unclear. Although still too early to herald the group’s demise, there are suspicions that the financial woes of leader Jason Ouwendyk, who sought bankruptcy protection in December of 2004, may be the cause. At the time of his bankruptcy protection, Ouwendyk owed approximately $50,000 to creditors, including $12,500 owed to the author of this article. This was after his bankruptcy trustee accepted the full claim for damages and costs in a small claims libel suit against Ouwendyk as a result of comments made on the Northern Alliance website.

Ouwendyk seems to be out of the picture for the most part, however David Ruud appears to have taken up the mantle of Northern Alliance spokesperson. And considering the work he's done in that regard, it really does look like the Northern Alliance is pretty much kaput.

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