Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Try To Keep Up, Junior

Canadian Stormfront moderator OdinPatrick has posted the latest on Ciaran Donnelly:

Of course, OdinPatrick fails to mention that this mediation occurred over a year ago:
Man wins rights case against B.C. neo-Nazi 
Don Butler, Canwest News Service
Published: Saturday, June 21, 2008
OTTAWA - Richard Warman has settled his federal human rights complaint about Internet hate posted by a Coquitlam man. 
As part of a mediated settlement, Ciaran Paul Donnelly of Coquitlam agreed to permanently close his account on Stormfront, a U.S. website through which the hate messages were distributed, and ask to have his earlier postings deleted. He has also agreed to pay $1,000 in damages for making veiled threats against Warman and posting a picture of a sign reading: "The Church of Dead Warman." 
Terms of the settlement, which prohibit Donnelly from posting further hate propaganda on the Internet or engaging in additional retaliation against Warman, will be registered with the Federal Court of Canada. 
Donnelly, who posted his messages under the user name "Der Totenkopf" -- the death's head insignia of the German SS -- is a well-known figure in the Canadian neo-Nazi movement. 
He was a leading member of Western Canada For Us, a now-defunct Alberta-based neo-Nazi group that included Glen Bahr and Peter Kouba, against whom Warman has filed successful human rights complaints for Internet hate. 
Another member was Donnelly's sometime girlfriend, Jessica Beaumont of Calgary, known as "Jessy Destruction" on Stormfront. 
She was the subject of another successful complaint by Warman, who has had 10 complaints about Internet hatred upheld by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in recent years. 
Three of Warman's other complaints, including the one against Donnelly, ended in mediated settlements. 
Warman will donate most of the settlement money to a memorial education fund for the children of Kelly Morrisseau, an aboriginal woman whose 2006 murder in Gatineau Park, north of Ottawa, remains unsolved. The rest will go to the Canadian Anti-racism and Education Society.
Johnny on the spot aren't you, OdinPatrick?

The other problem is the claim that Mr. Warman rarely enters into mediation. Also not true as we can name at least two other cases where Mr. Warman has mediated with individuals whom he has brought complaints against. However, unlike the speechies who have used their names in their attacks on Mr. Warman, we will not publish their names and put them in any danger.

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