Sunday, January 02, 2011

Update on Benson Drama and Paulie Paranoia

Well, maybe calling it paranoia might be a bit much, but we've certainly caught his attention. We'll deal with that in a moment. In the meantime, a quick update on Andrew Benson's status. Last we wrote about him he had started dating the young woman who was allegedly assaulted by three members of the Blood & Honour (Aryan Guard). Benson, once associated with that group, had subsequently moved on to the Aryan Guard's rival W.E.B. We had surmised that W.E.B. wouldn't be very pleased with Benson's new love interest based in part on their attitude towards the young woman in question as well as Micki (spurned by Benson) reaction to the new relationship. Seems we were correct, as Benson is now on the outs with W.E.B. as well as evidenced by the following wall post on Reitmeier's Facebook profile:

So, having burned bridges in Ontario and Alberta, who else can Benson turn to? Well, perhaps Goudreau will actually have someone in Calgary who will agree to be a member of his White Nationalist Front now? Damn, how bad is it when your fallback guy is Kevin Goudreau?

Hmph! We've already gone back on our resolution not to mention Goudreau until he's interesting again. Oh well.

And the kicker is we've been told that the young woman at the center of all this has ditched Benson anyways. Not an auspicious beginning of 2011 for Benson.

Uhm..... something something something segue to Paulie (hey, transitioning between stories can be tough so we're allowed to phone it in on occasion).

Gee, we wonder what Paulie is doing that Bill Noble believes will work us all into a righteous tissy?

Oh. No big deal. He's shooting a handgun. Very, very awkwardly. And?

Really, if we saw this coming at us with a gun, we might be more likely to laugh than be frightened. Barney Fife was more intimidating.

This really seems to be just another effort by Paulie to make himself appear as a rugged man's man (but not in THAT way, right?). Posing in front of a trash-filled fireplace with his shirt unbuttoned. Sitting on a pony wearing an ill-fitting cowboy hat tightly tied around his four chins. Sexy beefcake shots on secluded beaches.... oh wait, sorry, wrong photo.... ah, here's the right one! Now, this. It's almost like Paulie is compensating for something?

Has anyone seen Paulie's car? We're betting that it's red.

It does appear though that Paulie knew these pictures would be making an appearance on this blog though:

We're betting the picture is that of Mr. Warman. Any takers? No? Bah!

Hmmm, a bit defensive Paulie.

Oh, Paulie. In the long run we're far less interested in most of the pictures you post than we are what you write:

And in some of the causes you support:

Really, the kosher tax myth. That particular antisemitic canard is SOOOO beneath you Paulie.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ fat boy looking scared of his own gun. Chump.

Anonymous said...

Lol, "D" has two fb accounts and after people saw her 'break up' with him, Benson blocked just about everyone connected to Micki, except the boys in WEB, because he's trying to counteract the truths she told them about him, so he doesn't get smashed by them.
As for Micki crushing on Benson, that wasn't the reason she turned on him.
Yes, she had, and still has feelings, for him, but he was living with her and decided to take up with that little snotfaced brat and Micki didn't feel safe with him bringing her around where she (Micki) was living. On top of that, Benson is full of shit and Micki got tired of his act, so she booted him.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, well isn't Robbie looking rather clean-cut these days!

Anonymous said...

nope benson and the girl are still together. benson is homeless because his native gf kicked him out of his house.

Anonymous said...

"I'm actually pretty good!"

Doing what? Looking dumb when trying to shoot a handgun?
In the army they would have made him do push-ups until he puked for holding a gun like that.

Guns are for sissies, Paulie. Train some martial arts, that would also help to get of your ugly belly :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. I suppose "Paulie" is gonna fight the rahowa in his nasty tight wranglers and knock off cowboy boots???

What a douche.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Micki decided to go on a rant about her and benson on here too, why do you keep going on about it? To embarrass yourself? There is no doubt in my mind that benson is scum and No offense but you are very unattractive and many people who know you from the soda know you made a big deal about skinheads being there before and we know you are part native. Snap back into reality, you've taken this a bit to far Micki.

Anonymous said...

Benson has a kid.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO with a stance like that Paul you look like you`d be better at some slo-pitch softball!!! Go back to politics... it actually makes you appear less retarded!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous #2 - It's so obvious that you are Micki. Do you know that people laugh at you when you turn your back? Or that everyone is using you because you have a place to sit and drink and alcohol? When do you plan on telling those boys of your bisexuality? You are a liar and a hypocrite Micki. The sooner you find a new crowd to hang around the better. At least you'll be able to relax and not be so neurotic trying to be something you are not.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anon sure seem to know all the ins and outs of mickis life. Including the fact "she" STILL has feelings for Benson. Wouldnt be a far stretch to assume you are in fact Micki herself, would it? lol another pitiful clandestine attempt.

Anonymous said...

Micki, how does it feel now that you have a celtic cross tattooed to the back of your head? Good luck explaining that to your native family members.

Anonymous said...

Anything else on Benson or Micki, I like laughing at ugly people.