Sunday, January 30, 2011

CdnRepublican: The Response to Whether He's Too Extreme For Free Dominion

When we posed our question Wednesday, it was primarily because of a post (now deleted) CdnRepublican made that explicitly called for people to assault, physically and verbally, Canadian Muslims.

And while this particular post was thankfully removed by one of the moderators who felt that, at least in this case CdnRepublican had crossed a line, our article title did result in a very spirited debate over whether or not CdnRepublican's rhetoric was particularly helpful or constructive. There doesn't seem to be a broad consensus, but in the end, it seems that the folks on Free Dominion appear to be okay with CdnRepublican if for no other reason than their support for free speech in almost all situations (it also seems clear that not everyone was or is aware of the overt suggestion of violence he had recently made).

We do like the suggestion that if he is going to post such proactive statements, that he do so under his own name and his on his own website, so as to save Mark and Connie from future legal headaches. This sentiment was made earlier by others when CdnRepublican seemed to accuse the owners of Free Dominion of cowardice for not creating a forum to attack Muslims:

Just for the record, we don't think either Mark of Connie are cowards (or racists for that matter). We do think they're pig-headed, naive, not always that bright, far too credulous when accepting evidence from dubious sources for which they already formed a positive opinion about and rejecting evidence from legitimate sources that they were already inclined to reject, mean-spirited, and...... wait, what was our point?

Oh, right. They aren't cowards.

Anyways, both of them responded to the challenge laid out by CdnRepublican:

These are fair, reasonable requests. The only thing is that CdnRepublican already HAS a website under his real name (NOTE: the website has been redirected since the writing of this article).

We're surprised he didn't tell them earlier.

It's also interesting that while he is almost as bigoted on his own website as he is on Free Dominion, the tone is actually more moderate by comparison. He saves the real nasty, frothing at the mouth to the point of being nearly incoherent hatred, like suggesting Muslims be physically and verbally assaulted, for the Free Dominion forums. Funny that. Perhaps he doesn't feel he should be held accountable for what he posts there, but has little problem leaving Mark and Connie holding the bag for him?

We would write more, but things seem to be pretty tense on the Free Dominion forums right now, what with all the infighting and accusations of censorship. We don't want to pile on.

UPDATE: Well isn't that interesting. It looks like CdnRepublican shut down his website, as it now redirects to another one. We wonder why?

We suppose we'll just have to be satisfied with this link to an old, archived version of the website, though it does include an article from another Free Dominion member as well.

We also wonder if CdnRepublican will continue to post on Free Dominion? Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

If you have evidence that proves this is in fact his real name you could make a criminal complaint to police. That post on Free Dominion seems like a candidate for criminal prosecution of incitement of hatred if there ever was one.