Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Paulie is an Avid ARC Reader

You think we're getting a bit under his skin?

The exchange Paulie is talking about can be found here. And the song Ms. Smith is referring to would be a group charmingly named Vaginal Jesus.

But we do have to pick a bone with Paulie here. We are willing to grant him that we can be mean and even vindictive, though we don't think that these traits have truly been exhibited on this blog. Hysterical? Meh. Only when there's a big, hairy spider in the bathtub, and even then it has to be really big and really hairy. But puritanical? Puritanical?

Ye be raising a barn with no proper foundation there English!

Wait. That's more Amish than Puritan.

Oh well. Here's some Monty Python for you all:


Anonymous said...

But they're so cute together!


@ndy said...


*pls don't publish this comment.*

whitelaw towers on wordpress is a spoof site. recently, it published:

the post contains a photo of sharyn and paul, taken while paul was in melb to address local fascists. i thought it might be of interest - yr drawing attn to it would also piss off the nazis who produce the other whitelaw towers.



pls feel free to write me at for confirmation of authorship. as i said, *pls don't publish this comment.*

Anonymous said...

What was the point of writing this article? Are you guys running out of stories or something? Haha.

Anonymous said...

just to clarify, Vaginal Jesus is fronted by a jew, its a joke band.

nos200 said...

Anon 2: Naw, but we do like messing with Paulie.

Anon 3: A bad joke.