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Monday, August 23, 2010

Paulie Protests in London

We don't think that it's too much of a stretch to suggest that some boneheads and their enablers are using the current anti-refugee xenophobic hysteria in an effort to drum up some mainstream public support.

Not long ago Paulie marched with the Calgary-based Aryan Guard (who's leader Kyle McKee was released from the Calgary Remand Centre a few months ago after pleading guilty to possessing bomb making materials but after attempted murder charges were dropped) to protest the then upcoming arrival of Tamil refugees. Then he was of to BC where Paulie and about a dozen people, some of whom look like they might have been alive to protest the MS St. Louis, protested the arrival of the refugees and demanded that they be kicked out of the country. While in BC he was afforded the uncritical attention of the media who failed to mention his long, long history with racist extremism in this country.

Thankfully, some of the media has made a point of examining the views of Paul Fromm as well as the people with whom he shares an ideological home with:

Yesterday, Paulie was back at it in London, Ontario and boy, oh boy, was the cast of characters (though small in number) ever a motley crew:

Hmmmm. Terry has really let himself go.

So we now have Paulie with:
Wow, talk about the company you keep.

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Anonymous said...

First picture, guy in blue, totally thought that was Jerry Stiller for a minute there.