Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on Willis (a.k.a "I'm not a Nazi")

As Paulie travels around Canada (lock up your daughters) to try an capitalize on the current strain of xenophobia targeting the Tamil migrants, we thought we'd provide our dear readers with an update on someone closely aligned with the Aryan Guard, who Paulie proudly marches with and promotes:
Video of little use in beating case 
By KEVIN MARTIN, Calgary Sun  Last Updated: August 23, 2010 5:06pm 
Videotape involving a suspected white supremacist charged with assaulting a cameraman at an anti-racism rally does little to shed light on the case, his representative said Monday. 
Student-at-Law Shamsher Kothari said he and defence counsel Adriano Iovinelli have reviewed the footage supplied by the Crown. 
“We received what we were looking for, which is a video, and the video doesn’t help, or hurt the file,” Kothari told provincial court Judge Bruce Millar. 
Kothari said the defence team is still in discussions with Crown prosecutor Harout Haladjian to determine if the case can be resolved without a trial. 
William Kaiser Miettinen is charged with assaulting a photographer with a weapon, his skateboard, at an anti-racism rally in Calgary last March. 
At his bail hearing shortly after his arrest, the prosecution alleged Miettinen attacked photographer Jason Beers when his picture was taken. 
The incident occurred during an anti-racism rally in response to a white supremacist march. 
Miettinen told court he wasn’t part of the racist group, despite allegations he ripped open his shirt to display what the Crown said were white supremacist tattoos. 
“I’m not a skinhead,” Miettinen said at the time. 
“I was not part of that (neo-Nazi) demonstration,” he said. 
Miettinen said the chest tattoo he displayed to demonstrators isn’t a white supremacist symbol, but simply a Celtic cross. 
Kothari told Millar there may be other footage of the incident and he may ask Haladjian for further disclosure. 
The judge said any such request should be made by the end of the week. 
Miettinen, who is free on bail, did not attend the court proceeding. 
The case returns to court on Sept. 7.
Of course our readers are very familiar with Willis, a man who seems have a severe allergy when it comes to t-shirts.

We actually do agree with Willis. He's not a skinhead. Skinheads aren't racists, as our friends here will tell you. But when he then tries to claim that he isn't racist and not associated with the Aryan Guard, well....


faithless said...

yes. the tattoo is just a celtic cross. we believe you willis. and of course, when the picture was taken with you next to the KKK assholes and aryan guard pieces of shit, i bet you were merely stretching, or pointing to the beach, and the hat on your head in the pic with tazer-boy is just a skull and crossbones. we're with you willis. i'm also guessing that when you attacked that cameraman you were only trying to save him from a killer bee flying near his head. everyone is just lying to make you look bad. you're a fine outstanding member of this multicultural society. i know what you're talking about willis, don't worry your dumb little head about it.

Anonymous said...

This guy use to hang around Blacks and Indians, play with rc lowriders and dress like a chicano..Fake as fake can be..pisshhhh.