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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Peaceful Red Deer Anti-Racist March A Success; Far-Right Narrative At Odds With Reality

This past Sunday, Red Deer Against Racism and the Black and Indigenous Alliance Alberta (BIAA) held a march in the city of Red Deer, AB. In stark contrast to the event which was to have taken place on September 20 where far-right hateriots and assorted hate groups (instigated by Pat King despite his claims of innocence now) physically attacked and intimidated attendees, this march was wildly successful:

The march began at 3:30 pm after a smudge ceremony. It continued to City Hall Park -- some marchers were seen to pick up trash along the way -- where speakers discussed the need to have an honest dialogue about racial injustice.

The media also noted the peaceful nature of the march, despite the efforts of the hateriots:
There were of course hateriots present who attempted, but failed, to disrupt the march owing in large part to the heavy police presence:

Members of the Woke Onez Rebellion (and yes, once again, this is the name Ricky Tollikko 
willingly chose for his gang and not the result of losing a bet) and Urban Infidels continued to surround the park and attempted to split up the police in the hope to attack people in the part to no avail. Among them was Jordan Justein, the on again, off again, on again, off again, and currently on again head of the Toronto Chapter of the Urban Infidels. Justein has a history of committing acts of violence (he was involved in the Eaton's Centre assault for example) and Steven Lane makes it crystal clear why he flew from Toronto to harass anti-racist marchers:
We will, hopefully, be providing a run down of some of the hateriot participants soon, but in the mean time we think it is important to emphasis the peaceful nature of the march, a fact reiterated by more then one journalist covering the event:
Despite the overwhelming evidence that the peace march was in fact peaceful and that participants ignored the hateriots, the far-right narrative was that the march was comprised of communist thugs who were bussed in to the city (probably by George Soros) and who were all armed to the teeth ready to overthrow the city government and form the Soviet Red Deer Republic.

We mean, Red Deer already has the word "red" in the name so we're part way there already, right?

Jack Shultz was one of the more aggressive hateriots who attacked participants of the September 20 rally in Red Deer (he has also incidentally taken to posting videos of himself threatening to torture someone to death once he catches him because, you know, that's normal). This is one of many examples where the far-right have been attempting to shift the narrative.

Don't believe your lying eyes! The anti-racism march was super duper violent and the marchers weren't carrying flowers; they were stamens of mass destruction!

Some of the efforts to show the marchers as violent backfired spectacularly.

Readers will remember Tyson Hunt, the former head of the Edmonton Soldiers of Odin who got into trouble with the Finnish mother chapter when SoO members were hanging out at a UCP event -- I guess not all publicity is good publicity -- who later went on to form another hate group with human dumpster fire Ryan Dean where they made the news for harassing members of an Edmonton mosque. In any case Hunt dropped out of sight for a while but has been making himself a pest lately. Regarding the march he posted a video which he purported to show anti-racists being arrested prior to the march:

The tiny, teensy, little problem here is that the dude taken aside by the police was not in fact an anti-racist marcher, but the chapter president of the Central Alberta Soldiers of Odin, Sean Telford, based in Red Deer:



There was however a slightly more skilled, if at least as creepy, propagandist present for the march:

Keean Bexte of Ezra Levant's Rebel Media was at the march from the beginning. He was not threatened. He and his camera person were ignored. He witnessed the attempt by the Woke Onez and Urban Infidels to antagonize marchers which was ignored. He was visibly disappointed that there was no violence.

So why not make something up, right?

In a video while walking along people dancing, carrying flowers, and literally picking up trash in the streets, Bexte breathlessly describes a dangerous, unruly, mob who are armed to the teeth and who represent an existential threat to the people of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, and the world:

Hey! He's wearing his report'n shirt after all!

No, the police didn't say anyone was holding a weapon because there were no weapons. The "golf club" was the handle for a sign. The spray bottles with the mysterious clear fluid were disinfectants to comply with COVID protocols because, you know, worldwide pandemic and all that.

We can't put too fine a point on this. Bexte knows there were no weapons. He knows there was no violence. He knows the only threats came from the hateriots.

He knows all of this, but because it doesn't fit the story he wanted to write about, he made up facts to fit his narrative.

I guess this is simply a euphemistic way for us to say he's lying because the truth is viewed as an inconvenient road bump in his effort to demonize political views he hates.

These lies are dangerous. Let's get back to Jack Shultz's post which was shared by another individual in one of the Wexit groups:

Shultz also knows that the event wasn't violent (also the only reason for the police presence is because of people like Schultz and other hateriots who attacked participants at the September 20 anti-racist event in the city). However because it already fits the existing narrative on the far-right that "antifa" and BLM are violent criminals the people who commented on the post unquestioningly believed his accusation. The irony of course is that the comments left were often incredibly violent in tone and rife with antisemitic QAnon conspiracy theories, demands to arrest political opponents, threats to hang politicians, and a desire for a civil war in which they would target the left:


We'd say so.

In the next article we are going to focus on who were the hateriots who participated in the counter-protest.

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