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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Brian Kidder Arrested (Again). Also Chris Vanderweide Gets Involved Because Of Course He Does

By this point readers of this blog and other activists who monitor the far-right, or even people who regularly follow the regular news, will be familiar with the antics of Brian Kidder even is the name isn't immediately familiar. He is a figure associated with the Canadian Revolution protesters who were only just this month removed from the grounds near the War Memorial in Ottawa having been camping since July 1 and demanding the resignation, arrest, or both of Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs. Kidder, a QAnon supporter, may have first come to readers' attention when he attempted to "citizen arrest" an journalist who he erroneously believed was a Bloc Quebecois MP. He later made the news when he and his enablers were harassing NDP leader Jagmeet Singh stating next time he saw Mr. Singh that "we're going to dance":
Given Mr. Sigh's background in martial arts, I'm not sure the encounter would go the way Kidder thinks it will.

In fact this isn't a new phenomenon as Kidder has been attempting to place politicians under citizen's arrest for years going back to at least 2014:
The difference now is that Kidder has a fan base of far-right extremists who are encouraging him.

Kidder's most recent target is Doug Ford (yes, THAT Doug Ford). Once praised by far-right extremists, Ford is now reviled by many of these same people because he has been taking the COVID-19 pandemic much more seriously than they would like given that they believe the pandemic is a Luciferian conspiracy planned by George Soros and Bill Gates and implemented by Justin Trudeau to impose communism, take away their freedom (do die gasping for breath alone in a hospital I guess?), and thwart their Messiah Donald Trump from saving the world from the cabal of demonically-processed pedophiles who they think rule the world.

They also really take umbrage at being referred to as "yahoos" which we personally feel might be underselling it a bit.

In any case earlier this week Kidder attempted to enter the Ontario Legislature to, you guess it, arrest Doug Ford. It went about as you might expect:

And the response of his enablers who called the police "pedophile protectors" and referred to the "beast system" in which the police would join with their side in the end was equally predictable:

Kidder has been released every time he has been arrested claiming that he has never been charged (though we have heard he was in fact charged in this incident though we haven't confirmed this). And sure enough, his supporters stated that he wouldn't be charged here either because if he was charged, so they believe, he would then be able to present his "evidence" and that the "system" would collapse as a result:

And sure enough...

Of course rational people know that Brian Kidder has not discovered some sort of Da Vinci code secret to taking down the government. He is likely viewed as yet another crank and that removing him from the situation is simply the best means to deal with him. Unfortunately because it appears the police haven't been taking this threat seriously, it has allowed the far-right enablers to spin their own bizarro narrative to suit their conspiratorial worldview:

It seems likely that Brian Kidder suffers from mental health issues, which of course is not to minimize or excuse his behaviour. As we see it is that here we have someone who may very well be mentally ill being exploited by other members of the far-right. We have seen cases such as this before:
Though no one has been harmed thus far by Kidder's efforts, we certainly have witnessed other threats that have been more serious which are in large part the result of a fa-right echo chamber in which conspiracy theories are permitted to rot the minds of their believers unchecked by social media platforms and individuals and groups who are willing, even eager, to take action based on those conspiracy theories:

So this brings us to Saturday October 24, 2020.

Members of groups such as the Yellow Vests, associates of the Northern Guard, and far-right social media figures such as Derek Storie and Kevin Johnston and a host of others began a protest in front of Doug Ford's home and harassing his wife.

They kindly invited Don Cherry which, we're going to guess, isn't an invitation he will be taking up any time soon, but who knows these days?

But then the show, which has become the primary performance piece of  protests such as this, begins with the arrest once again of Brian Kidder:

After being taken into custody, Kevin Johnston offers his legal take which, considering he was sued into penury, is currently awaiting trial on hate crime charges, and has recently spent a significant time in jail based on his big legal brain, should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt:

Yeah, Johnston actually said on camera, "this is why people don't sue [him]."

Uhm, you want to rethink that claim champ?
But this actually brings up another section of the video in which Kidder's supporters all claim they have a right to go onto Ford's property while at the same time suggesting that they have the right to deny the police the right onto their property without any question based on... wait for it... common law.

Yep, we have the sovereign citizen argument making an appearance:

By the way, we can't help wondering if BLM or others on that side of the ideological spectrum would have treated Mr. Angry McJackass with such deference. 

Also, of COURSE he complains about men's rights in Family Law including the rights of those convicted of spousal abuse and that he will personally harass people, including children trick or treating, in the neighbourhood because, we have to presume, hates Halloween thus hates western civilization and is thus a communist jihadist.

Hey, that makes every bit as much sense as anything QAnon supporters actually believe so what's good for the goose, eh?

And yes, that sign DOES read "The Power of the People Is Stroner..."


The jokes write themselves folks.

But really, the claim that they are the real victims of harassment by the neighbours really does deliver the Chef's kiss:

Keep this in mind next time BLM or progressive protesters simply walk through a residential area:

Finally Kidder is taken away with promises to continue the struggle.

Also, they REALLY hated being called "yahoos":

So all's well that ends well


There is some growing dissention in the ranks it would appear:

To be completely fair, Vanderweide himself does
a great job of creating an image of the right being
violent extremists due to his own violent extremism 
so as such Kidder's contribution is just another
brick in the wall as far as we're concerned.
Also, does it bother anyone else that Leigh, whom Chris is dating,
looks a lot like the woman who we think is his mother?

It's sometimes hard to tell if Chris Vanderweide is genuinely concerned about the actions of others or if he is merely upset that someone else is getting the attention he seems to believe should be accorded him all the time. 

Oh, and he is able to tell that Kidder is a cop because he has street smarts:

We do appreciate the force of chaos that Vanderweide is in the far-right ecosystem and here is no exception as his accusation results in a bit of a rage storm that is continuing and has drawn in yet another hateriot group, the Canadian Combat Coalition.

So go get a soft drink and some popcorn and lets end this with the inevitable infighting that you all have come to know, expect, and love:

Hard to believe that these people have difficulty forming lasting relationships, eh?

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