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Monday, June 10, 2019

So What Are Canadian Identitarians Up To Lately?

Back on March 10 I wrote an article in response to messages ARC received such as these concerning Students For Western Civilization:

My response included screenshots from the Unicorn Riot Discord chat leaks which indicated that Students For Western Civilization was very much a part of a movement that included such groups as Identity Evropa (now rebranded as the American Identity Movement), Generation Identity (which in Canada rebranded as ID Canada), and other hate groups. The leader of SFWC, George Hutcheson, was once of the speakers at the Leading Our People Forward conference as an example:

Patrick Casey, posting in Discord as "Reindhard Wolff" is the leader of the American Identity Movement (again, formerly Identity Evropa) who posts comments such as these which really allow readers to get a strong sense of the man's.... er.... character? I guess?

And of course SFWC was also a group that was discussed on the Montreal Storm server featuring "Date" and "Zeiger" among others.

Well after an extended silence SFWC decided to pop their heads out to see if there's a shadow several months too late:


Is there a more clear example of a first world problem or white privilege than the current trend of racists being banned from social media for violating the terms of service (for which they had been treated with kid gloves for years, mind you) now threatening to sue because said private business gave them the boot?

Yeah, and WE'RE the snowflakes.

By the way, YVCE also noted the following:

I don't suspect they will get very far with this proposed lawsuit which seems more like a desperate publicity stunt than an actual thing, though I'm sure they could find a lawyer willing to take their money knowing it is a lost cause. George's friend, who knows full well the consequences of filing baseless lawsuits, should probably talk some sense into hims:


That's likely not going to happen.

As long as I'm here, I thought that it might also be fun to post the more recent Discord chat logs concerning Goldy and the attitude toward her mayoral campaign. Much of the discussion involves her association with ID Canada which has been discussed on this blog.

Offered with no commentary:

With friends like these, eh?

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