Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paulie Denied Entry Into United States

Well, when you are known to associate and promote neo-Nazi and Klan groups, many of which are known for engaging in violence, you can hardly be surprised when it catches up with you after more than 40 years of involvement in the racist right. Right?

Or, if you are Paul Fromm, you explain that you were denied entry into the United States because the Americans are biased against Germans and those who are of German descent:

It is interesting that all this seemed to occur in June but that Paulie only decided to let his followers know about it in the video below in late July.

Hmmm.... wonder how his inability to travel to the United States will affect his income?

We could note the irony in his whining about not being permitted to enter the United States, but we think the irony would be as obvious to our readers as it would be over the heads of Paulie and boneheads.

Here's the deal Paulie. Your name is known now internationally as a director of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group in the news because the Charleston killer was inspired by the rhetoric of the organization.

You think maybe that might be a reason why you were not permitted to enter the country?

Just a thought. 

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Anonymous said...

Asking for strict immigration laws that leave no 'holes in the net', but once they get caught in the same net they ask for, they start crying.
What a wuss. As a German I can tell you that I never felt the American authorities were bashing me or anybody else when asking these questions. When I tell them my dad did serve and was actually stationed in the US, they have no issues with that.

If however they would ask me about my grandfather, I'd expect a more thorough questioning due to the fact that some of the Nazi cowards fled Germany and went into hiding. As a German I support catching these cowards and bringing them to justice, no matter how old they are now or how long ago they committed their crimes. If these questionings help finding potential leads on those still hiding, I'm all in support of the questionings. It's not 'German bashing'. Especially if you are not German at all.

Mr Fromm, we Germans are actually man enough to defend ourselves if required. Until then it would be great if you start minding your own business, especially since you aren't even German. You can be happy to live in such a liberal country as Canada that allows you to spread your hate and nonsense like you do under the disguise of 'freedom of speech'.

Besides the legal issues you would face doing that in Germany, good and proud Germans would petrol bomb your car, smash your windows and kick you up the ass so hard that you could chew their toes on a regular basis. If you still have teeth left after the first hail of rocks coming at you from hundreds of protesters when you're marching with a hand full of losers through any bigger city.