Monday, August 17, 2015

"Cobbsville Redux" or "The Sequel is Usually Worse Than the Original": Part II

When we last looked at Craig Cobb's North Dakota efforts, he had set his sights on a new town. Antler, population 20 (give or take) is just a hop, skip, and jump over the Canadian border and a 50 minute drive from this writer's home town. Unable to resist attention, he publicly announced his intentions on Stormfront which was picked up by local, state, and eventually national media.

Since that announcement, Crusty the Cobb appears to have grown smug assuming that no one will be able to thwart his masterful plans this time. He even started taunting the folks in Leith, the town he first tried to take over and where he was ultimately arrested. Cobb seems to now believe that he will be able to have his conviction thrown out, the inhabitants of Leith arrested for persecuting him, and the sheriff's department stuck with a civil lawsuit for an unconstitutional arrest:


We had thought that "Antler, ND" might be Cobb, though we're now leaning towards it being Deborah Dutton. No matter. The world is Craig Cobb's oyster.


Yeah, you knew the wheels were going to fall off soon:

We actually really love this one:

Yes, he is using audio featuring one man convicted of soliciting the murder of a federal judge (Lefkow) and sentenced to 40 years being interviewed by another man who would later be convicted for threatening to kill three federal appellate judges and who at one point took credit for the murder of judge Lefkow's family, (it turned out not to be the case) as well as Lefkow's address and personal details being posted online by Craig Cobb as evidence of how violent and dangerous their opposition is.

Really. You can't make this stuff up.

On Thursday, the story of Cobb's latest broken dream was published. A few excerpts:

ANTLER, N.D.--After white supremacist Craig Cobb tried and failed to start a whites-only enclave in the tiny North Dakota town of Leith, he set his sights on another community: Antler, population 20-something. 

But establishing a presence in the town, just a few minutes from the Canadian border, has proved difficult for Cobb.

Last month, he says, he bought $10,000 worth of property in the town's center from Jim Lozensky, who until recently was an Antler resident.

The sale included an old bank and two nearby residential lots. Cobb wanted to turn the bank into a church for his racist religion, Creativity Movement, which teaches the superiority of white people. The residential lots would be for church members to settle and start a new community together.

He also planned to change the town's name to "Trump Creativity," or "Creativity Trump," in honor of Donald Trump, who Cobb admires deeply.

Yep.... he wants to name the town after Donald Trump.

Somehow, we think even Trump would decline this particular endorsement.

Needless to say, "Some of the citizens aren't happy with the situation," said Steve Watson, the sheriff of Bottineau County.

Luckily for them, the properties are going to the city, rather than to Cobb, Mayor Bruce Hanson said.
Cobb, meanwhile, complains that he still has not received a deed to the property. He says the seller wants to reimburse him, but "I don't want the check. We want our church."

The news was accepted with the quiet dignity that we've come to expect from Craig Cobb:


And that is the crux of the matter. Should 20/20 actually appear to interview Cobb, does he really think he's going to be the good guy?

Even his fellow travelers are more self-aware by comparison:

Are we going to take any bets on when Cobb ends up back behind bars?

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