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Bits and Bites: August 2015 Not Belated Edition

It's sometimes a tough call on whether or not we should discuss certain individuals on the blog. There are those like "the Goudreau" who seem to court any sort of attention, positive (rarely) or negative (much more frequent) as if the attention validates their importance. Usually the significance that individual places upon himself is in inverse proportion to the actual significance the individual actually has.

Such is the case of Ron Banerjee who, as the head (and likely only member) of Canadian Hindu Advocacy, has been able to fool a number of conservative media types into treating him with a degree of deference that would not necessarily be afforded to him if they realized how insignificant he really is.... to say nothing of the really disgusting things he writes and says about Muslims, Sikhs, LGBTQ, women, and a host of other groups an individuals.

Case in point, last week Banerjee and other members of Rise Canada, the newest hate group that Banerjee has created, protested outside the building where Olivia Chow accepted the NDP nomination to run in Spadina—Fort York.

But to refer to "members" of Rise Canada is perhaps a bit generous of us:

Yep. Two. That's all he was able to muster.

Banerjee later posted a video of himself (or at least the dulcet sounds of his slightly slurred voice) and the other dude harassing the folks entering the building. We won't play the entire video, but this part is somewhat interesting:

Uhm....what does Banerjee's friend say?

“I don’t know? One solution is to kill them all.”

As the discussion had been related to Muslims prior to this proposed "solution" we have to assume that he is talking about killing Muslims.

So yes, on the one hand Banerjee is an insignificant asshole.

On the other hand, a man who has justified the killing of Sikhs and Muslims on his Twitter account as well as someone who allegedly threatened to rape a journalist with a knife is potentially dangerous and as such someone who we should keep an eye on.

So, aside from trying to torment Ms. Chow, what has Banerjee been up to lately?

Tormenting a former Liberal candidate. 

Last week a story concerning incredibly intemperate and offensive comments made by Ala Buzreba as a 16 year old were brought to light by a conservative activist. Those of us who have been 16 or around 16 year old children know how especially vicious they can be. Ms. Buzreba apologized for the comments she made, noting they did not reflect the views she had as an adult. Interestingly, no mention was made about why the 16 year old Ala Buzreba made the comments in the first place. Those details eventually came to light when Ms. Buzreba's sister provided a bit of background:

So sure, her comments as a 16 year old weren't acceptable, but neither were those from adults calling her a, "raghead slut."

In all honesty, if someone called my daughter a, "slut" they might have to deal with more than nasty tweets redirected at them, but that is neither her nor there.

Perhaps it isn't surprising that Ron Banerjee, a man considerably older than 35, would gleefully continue to attack Ms. Buzreba using much of the same language used to attack her as a 16 year old child:

 By the way, who is Banerjee supporting in this year's federal election?

Ah, that's right.

The Fourniers with then opposition leader Stephen Harper
at March 2013 rally in support of the American invasion of Iraq

Well, one person who will definitely NOT be supporting the federal Conservatives is Connie Fournier of Free Dominion who has grown a wee bit disillusioned with Mr. Harper:

A friend of ours read the free download of Ms. Fournier's book that was offered and noted that there really wasn't anything new (she characterized it as essentially a series of posts that had previously been made on Free Dominion forum) but Ms. Fournier does mention one thing that sort of amused us:

The biggest offenders in this attempted character assassination were anonymous bloggers with ties to violent anti-racist groups. Their obsession with writing about us and posting personal information about Free Dominion members spooked us to the point where we moved our household to a different location and kept our new address a secret.

Yeah, Connie is talking about us.

Despite our continued assurances that we don't support violence. Despite our efforts to use legal means to deal with violent racists. Despite not a single threat being made towards the Fourniers or anyone who posted at Free Dominion. They simply can not believe that we are nothing more than frothing anarchist/communist agitators bent on harming people:

Hell, our blog post, "A History of Violence" was created, in part, to counter the claims that Mark Fournier made suggesting almost all the political violence in Canada during the past 20 years had been committed by ARC:

In the meantime, the Fourniers continued to allow their resident murder fantasist Edward Kennedy to make threats against ARC with impunity for years (only a few examples):

We also sort of have to giggle when Mark Fournier suggests ARC (none of whom attended the rally) marched arm in arm with members of the violent Aryan Guard at a pro-Palestinian rally (never mind the Aryan Guard were there for only a few minutes before being chased off.... but long enough for their photos to be taken) when the Mark and Connie themselves are buddies with someone who actually DID march arm in arm with the violent Aryan Guard:

But yeah, we're the ones who are sketchy.

Speaking of Fromm, he is still whining that he isn't permitted into the United States. Now others are taking up his cause, though we don't think it helps when one of the folks publicizing your plight is the leader of a KKK faction and another one blames the Jews:

We wonder what would happen if we contacted the foreign ministries of other countries Paulie routinely travels to?
Might be fun.

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