Monday, April 20, 2015

Winnicki Donates to Free Dominion's Warman Appeal

Looks like London's biggest hater (his own words, by the way) has warm and fuzzy feelings for Free Dominion. Or more likely vitriolic and caustic feelings towards the people Free Dominion isn't fond of. With him it's more likely the former than the latter.

Not long ago, the folks at Free Dominion opened up for business again on a more limited basis, however they soon launched a fundraising effort to appeal the Warman defamation suit that went to horribly against them.

Now, to be fair, the content of Free Dominion hasn't been as bat-fucking-insane as it had been in the past (relatively speaking of course) perhaps due to certain former regulars no longer posting on the forum. <coughchoughedkennedycough>

And, much to our surprise, we at ARC even found ourselves agreeing with their position on Bill C-51.

We figured that maybe, at least in the short to mid term, they had learned the value of moderation.

And then one of our readers tipped us off to this:

Uhm, who donated $200 to Free Dominion's appeal?

Oh dear.

Seems that Tommy is still a little ticked that Dr. Dawg blocked him from posting further messages on his bog.

Yep, seems a little bitter. Impulse control isn't one of Tommy's strong points.

Tomasz Winnicki is intimately aware of Sec. 13, the now repealed section of the Human Rights Act that allowed complaints to be made against individuals in violation of the Act. And Tommy here was, quite proudly, one of the worst offenders:

[19] Each of these messages is extremely derogatory of non-whites, Jews, immigrants and multiculturalism. They send a persistent vile message which in essences suggests:
a) there is a Zionist conspiracy;
b) that Jews dominate all levels of governments;
c) that those of the Black race are lazy, aids-infected, criminals and welfare cheats;
d) that all non-white immigrants fall into the same category; and

e) That multiculturalism is a policy conceived by Zionists (also called ZOG [Zionist Order of Government]) to perpetuate non-white immigration.

Furthermore, Justice Montigny stated the following regarding Winnicki's online activities:

[41] Having looked at these messages in their entirety and in context, I have no doubt that they are likely to expose persons of the Jewish faith to hatred or contempt, as these concepts have been defined in Nealy, supra, and approved in Taylor, supra. And the same can be said of the messages which target persons of the black race. They are undoubtedly as vile as one can imagine and are not only discriminatory but threatening to the victims they target. An underlying theme of Mr. Winnicki's messages is that blacks and other non-whites are destroying the country and that they should be segregated. They are a threat to our civilization and are not welcome in a white society. They are animals, criminals, and subhuman. They are also intellectually inferior and dangerous.

To get an idea of what kind of fella Tomasz Winnicki is today, we'll include a few of his more recent comments found on the "London Free-Press" (which has recently banned him) as well as a few other publications:

We chose these ones since the folks at Free Dominion are pretty staunch supporters of Israel that they might find these problematic.

And those are when he is sort of behaving himself. On VNN, he's a little more relaxed with his choice of vocabulary:

Then again, we also managed to catch this one before the "Free-Press" removed the comment, so he still has some trouble behaving properly in public:


It also wouldn't be Tommy if he didn't post some comments that were profoundly creepy (again for context, dude is pushing 40 years old):

Yeah, yuck.


Okay, here's the deal. We don't believe that the Fourniers are supporters of the poisonous views held by Tomasz Winnicki.

But hell! You have to have SOME standards when soliciting donations, don't you? If we agree on nothing else, might we at least agree that donations from virulent racists and anti-Semites like Tomasz Winnicki should be rejected?

It has been four days since Winnicki pledged his $200 towards the Free Dominion appeal, so giving them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they haven't yet noticed? And once they do, they will reject the donation.

But time will tell though they are certainly free to accept donations from anyone they wish, even if those individuals call for the expulsion (and worse) of Jews and racial segregation.


Tomasz Winnicki said...

My internet comments are just damn SEXY! As a matter of fact they're too SEXY for 90% of Canadian lamers. I stand by each and every one of my SEXY internet comments. I take nothing back and I'm sorry for nothing.

You think you will stop 17-year-olds having sex with their 15-year-old girlfriends? They did for ages and will continue. You can try though.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

If I knew you'd throw such a hissy fit over my donation I would have done it a bit differently. Actually, just a minute... done.
See the updated total now -

Tomasz Winnicki said...

I think I and others who were persecuted/prosecuted due to S13 are owed a public apology from the government and monetary compensation for our losses.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Connie says...
Thanks so much for your generous donation, Tomasz. We really do appreciate it!

Connie and Mark

Tomasz Winnicki said...

So you're aware of my comments at The Atlantic then. Why don't you go over there to debate me? You can post there under the exact same rules as I can; debate me on equal footing. How about it? Oh, right... it won't be fair to you because there you can't control my posts.

Don't you think it's funny how all the leftist cowards scurried off after Watson got his $4+ million?

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Read about impulse 'control' of your pet Negroes.

And I could provide dozens upon dozens more links.

Anonymous said...

Tomasz, you're a moron.