Sunday, April 05, 2015

Paul Fromm's Huge Ego and Woman Woes

Right now Paulie is currently visiting all his close friends at KKK leader Tom Robb's "Faith and Freedom" Conference in Arkansas. There, Paulie and the other giants of the, "white nationalist" movement are speaking on the issues close to their black little hearts.

Oh, and we know they are giants of the wn movement because that's how Paulie describes them as well as himself:

Now if there's one thing Paulie isn't known for it's his modesty. Really, it takes some real chutzpah to write in the third person an article in which you feature yourself and declare yourself among the greats of the contemporary wn movement, though to be fair that has always been a rather limited pool of applicants. So, who are these other, "giants" Paulie writes of in addition to himself?

Right. Like we noted a moment ago, it's a very limited pool.

There those who have claim to be white nationalists who are not so enamored by at least two of these "giants." A while back ARC and a number of other anti-racist organizations, some media, and it seems more than a few "white nationalists" received an email containing a couple of photos. In those photos, Paulie and someone who was definitely NOT Paulie's wife were presented in "clothing" that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Hundreds of sets of eyes will never be able to unsee what was seen. But despite the mass email getting to some boneheads and their "white nationalist" supporters, Paulie's colleagues circled the wagons and did not publicly respond.

But based on a follow-up email from the benefactor who sent the photos, we did learn that one of the giants of the "white nationalist" movement did respond in a personal message:

Rachel Pendergraft, daughter of Tom Robb, suggests that it isn't really adultery because Paulie was separated from his partner at the time and that the only real adultery is "race mixing." So even though it wasn't a good thing, Paulie running around on his wife wasn't all THAT bad. At least he wasn't messing around with one of those "non-white" women.

Fine. Then perhaps Ms. Pendergraft will be able to explain this then:

Meet Grace Oyama. Paulie is pictured in these two photos vacationing with Grace in Cuba (which should also be a problem for our more hardline white nationalists) and we know they have both spent time in Hawaii together. Now, we would humbly suggest that she is a marked improvement over Patricia as those photographs make one wish to reenact the falling action of Oedipus Rex, but we are of the understanding that these sort of couplings is verboten in white nationalist circles. Even if they were not.... er.... intimate, we still don't think the other "giants" would approve.

Then again, that would mean that they weren't hypocrites, and we know that they are.

We received these photos from an anonymous source. Like the last ones we assumed they were perhaps from Paulie's estranged wife, but when we reached out to her we learned (a) she is not the source of the photos and (b) she really doesn't like us all that much. So, whoever is sending us this information, we would welcome more. Because it is really quite funny. Especially when contrasted with posts like these:

And though initially there was no public outcry concerning Paulie's infidelity, it looks like there has been at least some blow-back:

Hope the remainder of your conference isn't incredibly awkward Paulie.


James said...

I'm actually kind of surprised to see Billy Roper on there. Didn't know that guy was still around, much less considered a "giant" of anything except maybe a giant failure! You know you're a loser when you can't even organize a bunch of ingrates like the white nationliast movement. So much for "White Revolution" Billy!

Anonymous said...

oh god you just had to post that picture of paul fromm :*(