Monday, March 02, 2015

Brad Love Arrested: Accused of Violating Probation

Brad Love just can't seem to stop getting into trouble. For someone who works as much as he (and Paulie) claim he does, he sure has a lot of time to harass people via mail, email, over the phone, and in person.

Maybe he should find a different hobby?


Paulie continue to presents Brad Love as a victim of a conspiracy to silence him.

An alternative theory we would posit is that Brad Love is an asshole who lacks impulse control who enjoys bullying people.

The story is covered in the local paper. It provides a little more detail than Paulie's sob story

Anti-immigrant activist arrested for allegedly violating probation

A few excerpts:

....Love allegedly made obscene comments towards members of Some Other Solutions Society for Crisis Prevention, which provides aid for people suffering from emotional and mental health issues....

....This is not the first time Love has been in the news for alleged hate offences. In 2003, Love served 18 months in an Ontario jail for violating Canada's hate crime legislation. In that case, he was convicted of sending hate mail to 17 people....

....In 2013, Love was charged with criminally harassing several individuals - including members of this newspaper and a child collecting donations for Oxfam Canada - with his extreme political views on race and immigration, mostly through letters or phone calls....

A child collecting donations for Oxfam Canada?

Big, brave, man.

And while Paulie continues to paint Love as a non-violent political commentator, it's not as if Love hasn't been associated with violence:

Love, already in custody awaiting trial for assault, had pleaded guilty to two Criminal Code charges of using the mails for the purpose of transmitting scurrilous material.

On another note, we are also please that the reporter characterized Paulie not as an innocuous "immigration critic" or "free speech advocate" but as exactly who he really is and what he stands for:

....But according to an email sent to the Today from Paul Fromm, an Ontario White Supremacist with links to several racist fringe groups, Love allegedly first violated his probation at the WinterPlay Festival.

Nice work Mr. McDermott for not sugarcoating Paulie.

We also wonder how much Paulie is going to contribute to Love's legal expenses?

That's mostly a rhetorical question.

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