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Monday, February 09, 2015

Request for Information

Would the person who left a message today regarding the relationship status of a person we have featured here on the blog please contact us at arc.collective200(at) We would like to discuss the matter further.


Anonymous said...

You sound like a pre teen school girl

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Is it about me? Is it about me?! What about me?! You don't write enough about ME!

Recently there has been a drastic decrease in both the quantity and quality of your commie blog. Get on the ball, bitch.

I just want attention :-(

Anonymous said...

lol! Bet there are a lot of nervous wn's out there with this posting... #skeletonsincloset

Nosferatu200 said...

Anon 1: I have yet to mention Justin Bieber so I reject your comparison.

Teen girls listen to Bieber, right?

Anon 2: Well, maybe. Rumor and conjecture, though the more we dig, the more we find. Stay tuned.

Tom: Oh, silly Tommy! Don't you go trying to tell us that you are in a relationship with a real, live, girl. The posters on your wall with the holes in them don't count. ;

Anonymous said...

its abut hynes like always these people have a hard on for him i guess they like beefy midgets

Anonymous said...

Is she non white? Could be a new trend in his "crew" lol