Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Response to Fromm's Condemnation of the Canadian Flag

Fifty years ago today, the Canadian Parliament adopted this as our nation's national flag:

While there certainly was a significant debate at the time, since the adoption of the current flag most Canadians surveyed have supported it as an appropriate symbol for the country.

Well, not everyone:

This isn't exactly new. Paulie has this particular bug up his ass for the better part of his career as a figure in the Canadian White Nationalist movement in Canada. His followers certainly support his position for, what is to them, the obvious reason.

They don't like da' ethnic folks:

It might come as a surprise to Mary to know that the maple tree is not in fact found all over the place. It might also come as a surprise to Mary that the maple leaf has been a national symbol since before Canada became a country. Paulie in fact used to play "The Maple Leaf Forever" before the beginning of his Stormfront radio program, and that song was at the time of  Confederation.

Things also got a little weird in the comments....

....but that is neither here nor there.

What is important is that Paulie insists on the return of Canada's REAL national flag!

This begs a further question. Which of the post-Confederation flags does Paulie want?
Does he want the flag that was used from 1868 to 1921?

Or the flag that was used from 1957 to 1965?

You see, changing flags in Canada isn't exactly new. And until 1965 and the adoption of the current flag, Canada never had an official flag. The flag that has come to be known as the Red Ensign was the defacto flag, but was never the official flag of the country. 

But we're getting away from the main point here. 

Based on photos taken of Paulie associated with "the real" flag of Canada, we suspect that the flag he is referring to is the one used from 1921 to 1957:

Not a lot different from the flag that followed, but not insignificant either. We're surmising that the reason why Paulie has chosen this particular flag is because this is the flag under which Canadian's gave their lives in defence of this nation, though he might be giving short shrift to those who made the ultimate sacrifice from 1914-1918. 

The primary reason why Canadians were making that ultimate sacrifice is because they were fighting a nation fighting under this flag:

So Paulie is upset with the meaning behind the current Canadian flag, yet has honored the Red Ensign by associating it with the ideology that better men and women than him gave their lived fighting against?

So, we leave our readers with this thought. What would be more offensive to veterans of World War II such as Pritam Jauhal and Bill Larson? 

And which images are more of an insult to the flag these men fought under?

These images....

.... or these images?


Anonymous said...

Out of the three designs that were voted for in 1965, the current one is weakest. Personally find it quite unbearable to see.

Anonymous said...

Unbearable? It's easily the strongest of the lot, particularly when one considers history and tradition. The Group C finalist reeks of being a flag designed by committee.

Each to his own, I suppose.

Sadly, these days Fromm and his ilk find allies in many of Harper's most vocal cheerleaders. Mark Steyn describes our flag as a propaganda tool. Kathy Shaidle dismisses the maple leaf as "tree dandruff", and Ezra Levant lies in repeating time and again that Pearson decided to "change" the flag to "Liberal colours".

Never a crowd to let history cloud their prejudice.

Mike with a long johnson said...

Ezra Levant deserves to be ignored or at the most laughed at by everyone, but you cant ignore the little fuxker cause he tries as hard as he can to push buttons and say just as much as he thinks he can get away with without being sued. Hopefully something horrible happens to him soon so he can't write his shitty, trolling, blatantly prejudiced column of verbal diarrhea in that toilet paper, I mean newspaper. Guys going to start a riot someday if he keeps shooting off his mouth. Same with that stingy cont Michael Coren, he can go eat a fat one too.

Anonymous said...

Fromm is another armchair nationalist like your champagne socialists they talk allot but thats it...