Friday, February 28, 2014

It's All Over But the Crying: Lemire Loses Appeal

We at ARC believe in serendipity.

Earlier today, a new friend who's interest in the history of the far right perhaps surpasses out own sent us a link to this document:

The above Masters thesis, published in December of 1997, focuses on the Canadian racist right's use of the Internet in the 1990s. And featured prominently within the text is Marc Lemire, the Freedom-Site, and some earlier projects of Lemire's (such as The Canadian Patriots Network):


Even as early as 1997, those who were studying the racist movement in Canada noted some disturbing documents on the Freedom-Site:

One of those documents was written by Kevin Strom, a leader in the virulently racist National Alliance:


Nearly eight years later, this particular document resulted in a protracted legal struggle before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the Federal Court, and most recently the Federal Court of Appeals lasting an additional nine (roughly) years.

Today, it would appear that it is now all over.

The Federal Court of Appeal has rejected Marc Lemire's appeal of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision that declared Lemire had violated sec. 13 of the Human Rights Act and which then issued a permanent cease and desist order against him.


If our readers are more interested in cutting right to the chase, here is the most relevant sections

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