Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 2014 Bits and Bites: Fun Times in Southern Ontario

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Especially if your name is Max Hynes.

On the one hand, he is the "leader" of a small group of boneheads in southern Ontario with supporters in Toronto. Recently he has been trying to become more of a public presence, at least online:


But on the other hand, being more public has certain pitfalls, such as when people start asking uncomfortable questions.

Back in August 2012, Max was allegedly attacked and injured by individuals then aligned with Kyle McKee's Blood & Honour chapter out of Calgary. Those individuals were arrested and will eventually go to trial for the assault. There is a belief by many in the Movement that in order for the charge to have been laid in the first place, Max would have had to have cooperated with the police.

And in the world of boneheads, cooperating with the police is a huge social faux pas, worse even than wearing white after Labor Day.

Suffice it to say, Max isn't really that happy with being challenged, as the message he attempted to post to this blog indicates when he responds to an anonymous poster who wrote, "Max Hynes is a papered rat fyi.":

If he believes the suspicion that he has worked with the police will eventually pass, Max might be a little disappointed. Recently, he attempted to raise the profile of his group and take a stab at recruiting other boneheads on Stormfront:

So what was the first response he received?

Sort of puts the following Facebook post in context, doesn't it?

This isn't to say that Max doesn't have friends and supporters though:

Ah, Mr. Luke Northmore.

When he noticed our first article referring to his United Front, he made it known that it was, in fact, not an organization composed of a single person. Oh no! Luke Northmore has followers!

And at this point, we want to confirm that he was correct. He has followers, though it should perhaps be more accurate to write, "follower":

Simon Desbiens Letourneau  and Luke Northmore
So congratulations Luke. You've earned a cookie.

Recently, Northmore and his little Reichsmarschall have begun a flyering campaign in Kingston that has not been well received by the local populace:

There are those who would suggest that whoever wrote, "Nazi" on the flyer believe in truth in advertising. But for Paulie, this is just another example of the war on white folks and censorship:

No, no, you have it all wrong Paulie. Supporting free speech doesn't make one a Nazi. Subscribing to the ideology of National Socialism makes one a Nazi. And given what Mr. Northmore used to call his little group....

We think the term Nazi might very well be appropriate.

In other news, we have heard some interesting news about Kyle McKee that we need to follow-up on. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Max did not rat on Jessie. Clearly Marissa did she was the first one picked up and she'll probably get off. But I can say based on Max's character that HE IS NOT A RAT. He would sooner seek revenge by way of his fists.

Anonymous said...

usually the one who gets attacked would be the first to have police contact. how else would the police know who to pick up and why would they be out looking for people to pick up without a complaint....use your head.

Anonymous said...

Max is a snitch

Anonymous said...

this entire situation has gotten out of control and people really need to stop name dropping. specifically the only female involved who was set up as much as the victim.

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up motherfucker max is not a fuckin snitch I was with him for a long time and I know for a fact he is not a fuckin snitch if anything ur the fuckin snitch

Anonymous said...

technically the only person max did snitch on was the female counter part that is besides the point. though the female has kept to herself she should never have been involved in this and people should focus less on the snitch and more on the fact that she was used and just as much as a victim.

Anonymous said...

just as much a victim? really?? she clearly knew the intentions of these 2 individuals. she took part in the planning and execution of the attack. The whole purpose of her befriending Max was to gain his trust. So that when it was time to take to task. He would not be suspicious. She was the bait. A role she was more than happy to accept in order to get into the club.

Anonymous said...

She is no victim. She actively participated in the planning and execution of this attack. She became friends with Max for the sole purpose to eventually lure him. Acceptance comes at a price. her involvement in this proves that.

Anonymous said...

This is almost a victimless crime if it had happened in some cornfield in london. But it didn't. The victims in this case are the residents of the city. You have skinheads attacking skinheads in a family oriented park.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the female in this case has added her "Used and just as much a victim". Lmfao. How are you Marissa?

Anonymous said...

My bowel movements are more consistent than this white movement. There is so much disorganization amongst these groups its hysterical. The best part is. This girl is a rat. Straight out. She is the reason jessie and eric got caught. Yet she still has well over 20 of you supposed boneheads still in her social circle. And you wonder why you have a poor following? These are the types of people you keep amongst you. What do you expect?

Unknown said...

Max is a big time Rat Goof