Sunday, September 01, 2013

Paulie and (Southern Ontario Skin Member) Yordi Sitting In A Tree....

.... H. E. I. L. I. N. G.

Before we get the the reason for this post, we have to thank Paul Fromm. You see Paulie has been very generous regarding some of the gifts he's been giving us lately. For example, there's this little gem from a week or two back:

Hitler as Jesus. Seems a little blasphemous for someone who claims a devout Christian and which I'm sure would be offensive to a lot of people for a whole lot of reasons. But maybe we aren't being fair? Some of the words have been cut off. Perhaps there's a reasonable explanation?

Uhm, nope. But it does hit all the bonehead themes. Accusing the Jews of deicide, deification of Hilter, and denying the Holocaust while at the same time accusing Jews of being liars, all wrapped up in the abysmal spelling, punctuation and grammar we've come to know and love.

But we digress.

In a previous post we noted that Paulie had a new Facebook friend:

"Yordi" here is a member of Max Hynes bonehead gang, Southern Ontario Skins (SOS). "Yordi" who is pictured below has gone by a few names on Facebook, including "Odin TheCelt" and most recently (before his most recent name change) "Itsoktobe White":

Truth be told we don't yet know what his real name is, but he is buddies with Max and ol' "Topsy," another member of the SOS:

Or we could provide a photo of him without his mask:

At one time, Gatlin here had a whole bunch of selfies posted
all in the exact same pose. It was really very sad.

But we aren't here to talk about "Topsy Kritts" or Gatlin Gooding today (oh, by the way, happy belated 19th birthday). We're here to talk about Paul Fromm's friend, "Yordi Jewkiller."

You might think that the name, "Yordi Jewkiller" is simply intended for shock value. And you would likely be correct, however "Yordi" here really has decided to go all in, damn any pretense of not being associated with violence:

Someone didn't get the memo. Boneheads are supposed to
deny the murder of 6 million men, women, and children
ever took place.
While all this is bad enough, it actually pales when compared to the Facebook Group he created. Again, it doesn't leave a great deal to the imagination:

Hmmm, I see Paulie, Zundel's wife Ingrid, Mike "Puddles" Gaio,
and two other members and/or associated of the SOS have
chosen to accept "Yordi's" friend request. Interesting.

Comments left in the Facebook Group.
Finally, in addition to promoting genocide on through the name he has given himself on Facebook and the Facebook Group he created that advocated murder, "Yordi" goes a step further by promoting an event for April 20, 2014.

Take a wild guess what he is calling that?

Photo is from the SOS rally that took place last April in London.
In addition to Max Hynes and Gatlin, there's Wes Smith, David
Ruud (of the Northern Alliance) and "Yordi" himself among others.
Paulie was also a participant. He might be the one taking this picture.

Among those invited?

So far we don't know if Paulie has RSVP'd.

But believe it or not, some boneheads have suggested that promoting the murder of Jewish men, women, and children might not be a great idea:

Though he has been offered some very good advice, "Yordi" seems hell-bent on ignoring it. If only there was a well respected figure in the Canadian movement (well, at least someone who is respected by these cretins) who might be able to convince "Yordi" of the folly of his ways? Someone who has been around since.... oh, we don't know.... the late 1960s and who once was held a position as an educator, an avocation that still commands some degree of respect in society.

Whoever could that be?

Of course! Baron von Fromm! He'll talk some sense into, "Yordi Jewkiller" right? We mean, there's no way he would be able to look at that name and not gently suggest that he not promote mass murder.


Uhm.... right?

Or maybe not.

We do believe this is what you would have called a teachable moment, Paulie. You sort of blew it, unless you actually like being associated with genocide.

Oh, wait a moment:

Yeah. Almost forgot about that.

"Yordi Jewkiller" and his Facebook Group/Event won't be up much longer, and while this might easily represent the stupidest thing a member of the SOS has done recently, it sure as hell ain't the only thing.

More on that later.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha..."Baron von Fromm" is the funniest thing I've read on this site in weeks. Geez, these knuckleheads make it WAY to easy for you folks!!

Anonymous said...

Funny i feel like we are being invaded by Germans with Germans are god mentality.

Marcus Conroy said...

Quite a career he's had, former teacher and one-time Federal politician and now Baron von Fromm, "intellectual", "White Civil rights activist"... and of course, leader of a troop of crackheads, goofs and rats that won't ever amount to jack shit.

Anonymous said...

You see all I have to do is take my copyright and you website address down to the courthouse fill out a claim for the superior court of justice against google blogs and they will take down the whole thing and then I'll sue your ass for copy right infringement :) have a nice day :)


Thanks for reaching out to us.

With regard to the following URLs:

In order for us to investigate the appropriate content and take further action, please provide us with the specific URLs of the posts where the infringing content is located. You can obtain the post URL by clicking on the title of the post or the timestamp found at the bottom of the allegedly infringing post(s).

Anonymous said...

But as long as you don't use my copyrightd pictures anymore idc I find it humorous ;) if I was you i'd refrain some stealing other peoples intellectual property in the future you call us bone heads ha without us you'd have nothing to do WE are your claim to fame you'll do good to remember that in the future I could copyright almost every picture on your site because they are my brother and sister not your you do good to remember that in the future :)