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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Of COURSE Paulie is Getting Himself Involved in the McCorkill Case

Really, was there ever any question?

And why might the Southern Poverty Law Center be concerned about the National Alliance getting a hold of a potentially substantial wad of cash?

Oh. Right. The violence stuff.
Now, will Paulie speak of himself in the third person? You know it baby!

Well, you see the thing is it isn't exactly like this is new. Wills are often contested successfully. So when Paulie is suggesting that this is unheard of, he's not exactly being honest in our humble opinion.

Fair point Paulie. And while we here at ARC are pro-choice, we don't think many of us would object to someone leaving their estate to some of the anti-choice organizations that do exist (as distasteful as that might be to us on a personal level). But IF that estate was being left to an organization that supports and encourages violence against those engaged in a legal medical procedure and those who support safe access to abortions then yeah, we would support any legal means to prevent that estate from falling into the hands of people who might use that to harm others.

And goodness knows such organizations exist and present a clear and, sadly, present danger even today.

That Paulie and CAFE have asked for, and apparently granted, intervenor status isn't all that surprising. Perhaps it's also not surprising that this effort wasn't vigorously challenged, or so it would seem. The reality is in most cases, when Paulie intervenes on your behalf, things end up not going so well for you.

But in the end, the real reason for this effort might have been stated at the end of Paulie's update:

We find this a bit crass, but what do we know?

But we do have an honest question for the boneheads who read this blog.

A lot of you folks have had some significant legal problems which we're sure cost you quite a bit of money. Paulie often jumped to your defense and, as above, began requesting donations essentially in your name.

How many of you actually received any money from Paulie or CAFE?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that Paul Fromm has NEVER helped anyone in Canada, monetarily. Back in August of 2008 the Aryan Guard hosted one of his talks that cost them over $800 with hall rental and refreshments, while Fromm pocketed $$$ for 'admission'. I believe there were others talking that day, Terry Tremaine spoke, William Noble had a short speech. There were a couple of others; but I forget who exactly. I doubt they divvied up the proceeds.