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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sebastian Ronin: NOT A White Nationalist!!!

If there's one thing we've come to expect from Paulie it's his pimping of the venerable Red Ensign and his efforts to turn it into a White Nationalist banner:

Hmmm, wonder who likes the Goudreau's reference to the SS and the fevered rantings of a violent racist?

Well, one person who doesn't like the flag is one Sebastian Ernst Ronin, the founder and Grand Poobah of the grandiosely named Renaissance Part of North America:

Ol' Sebastian also made this observation about Paulie's hypocrisy (something we also observed here, here, here, and here):

Ronin had been on our radar for a while before he organized his protest in Toronto (attended by Paulie, former Heritage Front member Louis Morin, and others), but truth be told we considered him to be a bit of a side-show in the three ring circus that is the "White Nationalist" movement in Canada. He did run for the leadership of the Green Part of Nova Scotia back in 2009 and was involved with American Renaissance in some capacity as of 2010 at least:

But Ronin rejects the label, "White Nationalist." Instead, he refers to himself and the ideology of the  Renaissance Part of North America as an Ethno Nationalist.

In a nutshell, Ronin suggests that when the world peak oil occurs resulting in an industrial and social decline. The crisis will then result in a collapse of existing nation states paving the way for the creation of ethnically homogenous enclaves:


Or something to that effect. We didn't feel like peppering our synopsis with references to the Vesica Piscis, the Laws of Thermodynamics, or the post-modern political cosmos.

Ronin has kindly provided us with an example of these new homogenous political entities. Despite an impressive vocabulary, he is wanting when it comes to originality when it comes to naming countries:

"New Ebony." Really Ronin? REALLY?
If our readers wish to understand the rationale for this map, it could be read in full here. In essence North America is divided into 16 new states, 10 of which are described as, "White Homelands."
Of the ten White homelands identified, seven have already been started with secessionist agendas, ranging from sentiment only to full-blown political presence and activity, e.g. Alaska, Quebec and Vermont. A continental secessionist synergy of sorts is already in place; that a geographical “box” of potential, very effective propaganda exists connecting six of these seven White homelands (Alaska excluded from the box) should be self-evident.
The remaining six are divided between Hispanics, Blacks, and First Nations. The cities marked as pink which are found in the "White Homelands" have been deemed too pluralistic ant too far gone, thus they are to be left as independent city-states unconnected to the White Homelands in which they are located.
Of NAmerika’s largest cities, only Montreal falls within an identified White homeland. The others (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto) are all kettled inside the post-Empire rump of Amerikanada. Of the largest cities within the White homelands, it is suggested that the option for autonomous city-states be entertained. As such, fully progressed multicultural pockets that are beyond “undoing” have the option of being pockets within the greater whole. The cities identified are from west to east: Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Calgary, Houston, Atlanta, Montreal. There may be others to be identified. The point here is crucial: all White homelands are predominantly rural in anticipated economic and social nature and structure.
There is however one other relevant point that we would highlight:
The designations of Native, Negro and Mestizo homelands does not mean that we have to make either the RVI or RPN friendly to Native, Negro or Hispanic input, although some may be inevitable as per federal legislation (witness the example of the British National Party); it simply means that we retain our political position to speak on behalf of Whites and negotiate on their behalf, but within a political context that recognizes all other continental ethnic/racial players, except for Zionist Jews and non-Jews.
Translation: "We won't bother worrying about what the uppity coloured folks and Jews have to say about all this. They will play no part in the, 'Scrabble for North America.'"

Ronin might reject the label of "White Nationalist" and is highly critical of White Nationalist groups (in some small part it seems because they haven't embraced his views in their entirety) but  the distinction between White Nationalism and Ethno Nationalism really does seem to be merely one of semantics.

Oh, and Anders Breivik is someone to be admired.

Huh? Where did that come from?

Not long after Breivik committed mass murder, Ronin wrote an essay in the event. Ronin did not describe the murder of 77 people, many of whom were teenagers, as mass murder. He described it as a military action.

Again, if our readers wish to read the full essay, it could be found here ("The Breivik Action: The First Archeofuturist Victory"). We will however post a few relevant excerpts:
As of this date, July 27, 2011, the military action carried out by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway has altered and shifted drastically the socio-political and cultural struggle of Occidental White Europids (WE™) to retake their ancestral territories, heritage and future history from Globalist-sponsored incursion, colonization and possible genocide. There will be serious setbacks. There will be serious blowback. There will also be considerable and, what was unimaginable opportunity prior to July 22, 2011, to exploit, at a sophisticated and dangerous level, for those White Ethno Nationalists with the political imagination, courage and resolve to do so.....Much of the global nationalist political leadership, especially in NAmerika, will be severely challenged to make the shift to this next plateau. Some will not be challenged. This essay is addressed to the latter, those prepared to take the struggle of White liberation to the next level as forced by the Breivik action while simultaneously putting the goose-stepping and reactionary imposters out to pasture once and for all.....Much as with the stunted NAmerikan interpretation of European National Socialism, the NAmerikan interpretation of European New Right is a philosophical abortion. The Breivik action opens the door for all Occidental Whites to fully explore and begin to implement the political map as has been laid out by Guillaume Faye with his identification of Archeofuturism. 
In simplest terms, Faye believes that the future of White Europids requires a transcendence of the division between those who wish for a restoration of the traditions of the past, and those who are calling for new political, social and technological forms, creating a synthesis which will amplify the strengths and restrain the excesses of both.Inherent in the metapolitical and general blueprint of Archeofuturism, is the specific need to uncover/re-discover/re-identify our own archaic spiritual and psychic motivators to fight, with both mind and fist (if and when called upon to do so). As Faye states, this is of extreme importance because all of the foot soldiers of our Globalist enemies, i.e. Muslim, African, Mexican, already fight with such clarity and desperation; by never having shed these types of motivations, the Globalist foot soldiers already inhabit the Archeofuturist world! Unless Whites discover and adopt same motivators, we are at their mercy. 
Within the European context, Faye states: 
"The problem for us Europeans is not having these values imposed upon us, on account of our cowardliness, by Islam – as is already happening – but rather of being capable of asserting these values ourselves by drawing them from our historical memory."For this reason is Breivik’s action the first Archeofuturist military engagement and victory. If one agrees or not with his identification of “Templar Knight” is beside the point. There are other pre-liberal/modernist, pagan-heathen identities to choose from. 
What matters is that Breivik has laid claim to an Archeofuturist identity and has attached a courageous political decision and action onto this identity. WE™ have been jolted and pulled into this Archeofuturist world and its political struggle. There is now no turning back. Breivik’s action has, kicking and screaming, pushed us across our own political Rubicon. Intended or not, this is the genius of Breivik’s action. The action is either isolated from motive or it is related to motive, this much is self-evident. But even minus a pure and honourable motive, the action itself stands. If the action was engineered by a lone wolf Breivik or by conspiratorial black operatives is secondary to the fact that it is now in the world; that is the opportunity.....All nationalist armchair and keyboard revolutionaries, myself included, have been put on notice and in proper place. The performance bar has been raised. The gauntlet that has been dropped is simple: either rise to the challenge upon this Archeofuturist Death Ground, or cut bait towards reformist and feel-good twaddle that will not so much as warrant a footnote upon the writing of White Europid history.....It is anticipated that the demonization of Whites and the playing on White guilt will morph into nauseous overtures, spearheaded by all forms of corporate print and electronic media. As such campaigns proceed innocent Whites on the receiving ends may well question their cognitive dissonance to the best of their abilities and relative to the “Breivikian” memes that have been lodged in their psyches. What is this Islamization? What is this Eurabia? What is this colonization of our homelands? What is this hidden and ulterior motive/agenda of multiculturalism? Who benefits from having these strangers in our homes? Are we really at war? Nationalist political organizations and parties need be prepared to field these questions.....In conclusion, the Breivik action has punched a hole into the public’s wall of limited perception, i.e. denial/fractured political cognitive dissonance. The White Beast may not yet be fully awake, but at the very least it finally stirs in its sleep that has been pushed from deep and unconscious to restless. There is now a breach in the wall, and even though it is as limited as it is, for White activists it signals a shift from cultural RaHoWa to the opening skirmish of actual RaHoWa. WE™ now embark on claiming our own archaic sensibilities, an asset that up to July 22, 2011 had been the sole possession of our enemies. The accompanying political cultural landscape has experienced a significant tremor, a rip in its fabric, much to the advantage of these opening skirmishes and latent propaganda.....The Death Ground of the opening phase of Archeofuturism has been breached; there is no turning back. The boats and the cooking utensils have been smashed. WE™ now spiritually, culturally and politically begin to feed and prosper upon the enemy or eventually perish. These are the only two options. Our genocide is simply not acceptable. RaHoWa has arrived with all the political wisdom and responsibility that come with it. The horrible incentive to see clearly becomes tantamount.
The article is posted on another website (one that would likely proudly promote itself as White Nationalist). We were struck by some of the comments:
  • This article by Sebastian Ernst Ronin is the most insightful one I’ve read on the Anders Behring Breivik action so far. We can turn this incident to our advantage!
  • I am so happy to read this.  I have written on other websites about the fact that we are going to have to resort to violence in order to win our freedom from jews and in order to reclaim our White homelands around the world. My posts have been deleted on every single website. It appears that we are allowed to grieve and demonize the action and the person but we’re not allowed to suggest that this is the only way to get rid of the US Congress that keeps going against the consent of the founding stock of America.
  • Breivik struck back at the anti-white traitors.Now treason is in the air. What better time to ask: “Are you pro-white,or pro-white genocide?”
  • Oh come off of it already. You’re using the enemy’s lingo. KIDS? Granted, on the list I’ve viewed so far, the three youngest were 14, 15. and 17. The rest were in their twenties or older-hardly just “kids.” They weren’t dropped off at “summer camp” by mommy and daddy. These were the up and coming leftist ideologues who were going to succeed their mothers and fathers in exterminating their own people through forced multiculturalism. The hard-core hooded antifa marxist scum in Europe who run pitched battles with police and set cars aflame would happily kick you to death because you’re a racist if they could get away with it, and they are of the same age. Those young communist ideologues chose to be there and at the service and furtherance of their twisted anti-white multicultural ideology. The soldiers of standing armies are of the same age as these “kids.”
  •  As everything carries on getting worse i expect there will be more individual rage-attacks from time to time. I think Breivik has ensured that almost all of them will be directed at the political elite in some way, whether symbolic or real, rather than random people in the street of whatever ethnicity. I think that's significant
  • Yes, the outstanding fact about this event is that it’s going to inspire resistance. Resistance in various and sundry ways, with varied scenarios, ranging from non-violent and violent. His act will do that irrespective of any any hidden mysteries about him, and whether those mysteries come out or remain disclosed. What the masses of Whites will see here, now and later, is a lone White man making a firm stand for the survival of his people and nation without fear. The elites know this. They know this is the danger and the power of this event. Thus they will spin it in whatever way will neutralize it’s mythological power in the minds of other White men. Their best strategy may be to simply downplay it and help the masses for get it. That seems, based on reports I’ve heard, what the MSM may be doing already.
And so on.

Ethno Nationalist? White Nationalist?


Of late Ronin has been monopolizing Doug Christie's Western Block/Western Canadian Concept Facebook group and promoting his group:

But as dodgy as anything associated with Doug Christie might be, there seem to be a lot of people who are not at all comfortable with overt racism co-opting the Western separatist movement:

As sad at this might sound, the WCC is likely more of, "a player" even in it's moribund state than anything Harold Covington could put together.

We continue.

We actually think the following exchange is the most interesting:

Telling, but what is more so is Ronin's explanation as to how Paulie won the right to run as a Western Block candidate (not WCC as suggested by Ronin, but again semantics) in Toronto:

Where indeed?

Interesting how the article kind of came full circle, eh?


Anonymous said...

this post is hilarious because everyone knows Ronin is an informer

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Low shot re "monopolizing" the WCC FB Group. It is via a back-door default, something that you could have mentioned. You will have noticed that I constantly requested input/feedback. If they do not, there is absolutely nothing that I can do about this.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

This, "We won't bother worrying about what the uppity coloured folks and Jews have to say about all this. They will play no part in the, 'Scrabble for North America'," is also a convenient mis-interpretation. I have appeared on a Black Nationalist's radio program (am slotted for another one in two weeks) and, on behalf of the RPN, am carefully placing bricks in a bridge towards Farrakhan.