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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Michelle Is Still Trying Too Hard

Michelle Erstikaitis and her "friends" responded to an article in which we questioned her "White Nationalist" bona fides. Our argument is that she basically latches on to anything that will result in her getting some sort of publicity, something that we admit to being complicit to.

But among the more interesting claims Erstikaitis made was that she was buddies with unnamed federal ministers as well as Rob Ford. And we don't mean acquaintances or someone who happened to show up to a photo op. No, she's on a first name basis with the mayor.

A few months ago she posted the following which we presume serves as evidence for her close connection to Mayor Ford:

Well then! A personally signed letter of thanks from the mayor himself. We guess that proves us wrong and Michelle is friends with Rob Ford.

But maybe someone could help us out here because the signature above looks exactly like this signature. And this one. And a lot of other form letters that we were able to find online.
Come on Michelle. You can do better than this.

On the "White Nationalist" front Michelle does seem to be in possession of some paraphernalia linking her to the movement though:

Nice to see that Paulie has contributed and appears to endorse Ben Klassen's concept of a race war.
But if people like Paulie and the Goudreau (and how fitting is it that Erstikaitis and the Goudreau have managed to find each other in this crazy, cockamamie, world?) there are still those who don't quite buy Michelle's schtick yet like Justin Barbazza:

Followed up by this fella:

Paulie has had a very difficult time convincing people on his side that Michelle is a fellow traveler (see here, here, here, and here for example). Seems Michelle might be facing the same difficulties in some circles.

We don't think that this helps matters either:

Yep. Nothing like claiming to be a faithful supporter of National Socialism like tattooing it's most sacred symbol on your ass.


Anonymous said...

"send it to your friends"
Needing a bit of attention...? This is what happens when you don't hug your children!

Anonymous said...

By the way. Justin Barbizziu is not even white. And what's more I think that it is ironic that so-called white nationalist boys would realize a black clothing line. What do they keep a list of filthy gangster rap brands? Because Michelle does not!