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Monday, July 15, 2013

July 2012 Bits and Bites: Paul Fromm Edition

Not surprisingly, Paulie and his cohorts are quite pleased about the demise of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act:

Seig heil, eh?

But as happy as Paulie and company are, even he realizes that there are still a couple of sticking points. As Paulie notes:

We usually don't quote or acknowledge the anonymous smear artists at Anti-Racist Canada. After all, who goes around trying to answer graffiti on a washroom wall? ["Call Susie for a good time -- 403 -777-7777" "No, Susie is no fun."]

First of all, Susie is a blast! Board games. Mountain biking. Competitive jousting. Suzie is always a good time! 

Second, we simply post what you yourself write. Sorry Paulie is so ashamed of his own words. But we digress....

However, in their sour report on the partial defeat of censorship, ARC, which, we know, has sinister connections in Ottawa observes:

Wait? Sinister? Cool! Now, does that mean we get to have henchmen and a secret base in an active volcano?

"And it is of note that while it is the current government who passed the legislation, there's nothing that says a future government might not reinstate Section 13 given that it had been deemed constitutional both in 1990 and more recently in the Whatcott case.

Time will tell and we are very patient. In the meantime, we'll see how things play out."

The Federal Court overturned most of the decision in the Lemire case and upheld the constitutionality -- minus the financial penalties -- of Sec. 13. This ruling is now being appealed to the Federal Court and CAFE is in the thick of the fray as an intervener. Note the threat that a future government -- NDP, Liberal? -- might reintroduce Sec. 13. Don't kid yourself, having read some of the Senate speeches on the repeal of Sec. 13, I can assure you censorship and thought control still have some powerful pals in Ottawa.  

Uhm, given the Supreme Court's recent ruling in the Whatcott case, we have a feeling that you all are just throwing your money after bad, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

The other problem is addressed later in the comments section:

Yep, they're going after that pesky criminal code next. Again, no surprise (and no surprise that it was Bill Noble who brought it up as he was found guilty of a section 319 offense), however we think they'll find getting the criminal code section repealed a lot more difficult. One of the justifications for the repeal of Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act was that hate speech was already found in the criminal code. We can justly argue about the effectiveness of the criminal code pertaining to hate speech given the requirements that the Crown be given permission by a provincial Attorney General to file such a charge, but we don't think the government is going to touch the criminal code. We could be wrong about this, but the optics would look pretty poor for a governing party claiming to want to broaden it's base.

But as of now, Paulie can feel somewhat secure that Sec. 13 is no longer something he needs to concern himself for the time being. This might be why he has become a little more overt in his racism than he was when he was trying to be a bit more respectable (though that ship sailed a long time ago):

Paulie has been perplexed by this app on Facebook. Personally, we think he should have stopped when he got to this point:

We know we keep using this photo, but in this case we think
it is of particular relevance now.
Ya, ya. Mean-spirited, juvenile, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Actually, we used the photo above not to long ago in an article commenting on Paulie's views concerning physical attractiveness. Originally Paulie commented on this image:

So we decided to respond in kind:

Funny? We like to think so.

But we never thought that we would be afforded this particular gift from Paulie personally:

In this photo Paulie states he is visiting other "White Nationalists" in Europe (we think it might be France based on further discussion). But the focus of the subsequent discussion soon turns away from Paulie and on another person in the photo:

It's a bit rich that Paulie, a Canadian national visiting France, is suggesting a man who may very well have been born in France is an invader. We somehow suspect he doesn't have the same criticism for the past president of France (though the Jewish heritage of Sarkozy's mother might be cause for Paulie to be concerned).

But my oh my! It doesn't take long for the green-eyed monster to show up!

Paulie has been talking a lot about revolution lately.

We suggest hitting the gym before that occurs.


Anonymous said...

That man behind Paul Fromm is very handsome.

Anonymous said...

I believe I have found Mr. Fromm's genealogy:

Anonymous said...

Who said Pauli is dumb.He sure know how to scam boneheads and make his money wasting legit.
Pauli was born in Colombia was his parents invading?Hypocrite much?