Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Free Dominion and Strange Bedfellows. Again.....

Back on June 14, we briefly mentioned that Dr. Dawg had won his appeal and that the case would now go to trial.

We don't want to argue the merit of the arguments involved, but we can't help but notice the odd assortment of characters who have lined up over the past year to support the Fourniers in this case.

When Dawg first filed his suit, Paulie chimed in with his support for the Fourniers:

In another more recent post, Paulie called on his followers to support the Fourniers and Free Dominion after Dawg won his appeal.

Today, we learned that the Fourniers will be supported by another group:

Ah yes, the JDL. We've written about these cats a few times in the past.

At least one of the Free Dominion posters has some concerns about this support:

To which "shiva" replies:

The issue (and link) "shiva" is referring to is found here in the JDL's support of Dutch windbag, anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders, but it is interesting that "shiva" notes the JDL commitment to free speech is not an issue IF they at least support views congruent with those found on Free Dominion.

Case in point, the JDL actively opposed another windbag, George Galloway, who had been invited to speak in Canada:

Hey, we aren't fans of Galloway, but if you're all for Wilders speaking in Canada (a man who has fomented ethnic and religious bigotry in his own country), it seems a might hypocritical to deny Galloway the right to speak in Canada.

Then again, we well know that Free Dominion really doesn't care about freedom of speech since the appear all too happy to violently stifle the speech of those they disagree with.

But we digress.

Getting back to Paulie, we wonder what he might think of the JDL's support for Free Dominion.

Because, you know, the JDL doesn't really like Paulie either:

Another one of our friends sent us the following:

So let me get this straight, Meir Flintstone [we love that name!] is raising money for the Fourniers who:
a) have as their lawyer Barbara Kulaszka who not only acted as Ernst Zundel's lawyer but also edited this charming book published by Zundel's Samisdat Publishers as well as representing Marc Lemire, Imre Finta and Arthur Rudolph
b) consider Marc Lemire and Paul Fromm to be their friends and Lemire as one of their key witnesses
c) knowingly accepted an award from Doug Christie, who has made a career of representing neo-nazis and war criminals and is known to have far right views himself

So are Marc, Paul and Barbara invited to the fundraiser or would the JDL beat them to a pulp if they showed up (decisions, decisions)?

Well, there might not be a fight, but we imagine that it would make for an awkward evening.

Finally, take a look again at the ADL's website on the JDL. It's an interesting read.

Oh, and to the Darrell Issa fans on Free Dominion, take a look at this (we even picked a "fair and balanced" news source for you).


Harry Abrams said...

It gets a bit surreal when you find Fromm AND Meir Weinstein and the JDL on the same side of an issue. You'd think that the Fourniers' choice of legal representation kind of type casts them. But what's coming up isn't about "free speech" at all. It's just several variations of allegedly malicious personal defamation. Then there's this now too.....

Anonymous said...

This link doesn't work: "violently stifle the speech of those they disagree with."

Nosferatu200 said...