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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Not a Nazi" Willis Cleared in Assault Case

First of all, holy crap! You mean to tell us that it took this long to come to trail and reach any kind of verdict?
William "Willis" Miettinen is the shirtless dude (hell,
he's pretty much always shirtless for some reason) seig
heiling with Robert Reitmeier, Terry Tremaine,
John Marleau, Chris Waters (big guy wearing the
white tent) and other assorted boneheads in a photo
taken after the 2008 "White Pride" march in Calgary
Second, "suspected white supremacist"? Oh, we do believe we've cleared that one up on a few occassions already (such as here, here, here, and here).

Alleged cameraman attacker cleared

By ,Calgary Sun
First posted: | Updated:

“The Crown took another look at it last week and decided to stay it,” he said.
Iovinelli said the main issue was his client’s intent when he allegedly assaulted photographer Jason Beers.

“The main concern ... was the actual actions of my client,” Iovinelli said. “He’s quite adamant all he was trying to do was to shield himself from having his photograph taken,” the lawyer said.

He said even the witnesses to the event, including Beers, were inconsistent.

“It was ... the main witness who could actually not recall whether he was struck by Miettinen deliberately, or whether it was an act of shielding his face,” Iovinelli said.
At a bail hearing shortly after his arrest, the prosecution alleged Miettinen attacked Beers when his picture was taken.

The incident occurred during an anti-racism rally.


Anonymous said...

Willis is the Iggy Pop of the NS moveturd. Have you ever seen Iggy wearing a shirt??!!??

mmhmmmm said...

I was there and he clearly tried to hit him... nobody took my statement though. The police didn't seem too concerned to tell the truth. Another justice fail.

Anonymous said...

I saw what happened, he wasn't trying to shield himself. No one took a statement from me, either. It's a pretty minor assault, in any case. AFAIK Willis hasn't really been in with the Nazis for awhile.