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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brad Love Sentenced to 18 Months.

At least according to Paulie.

 The usual histrionics from Paulie on White News Now.

Back on VNN, fugitive Craig Cobb continued to delude himself while at the same time encouraging the harassment of the presiding judge:

Finally, Tom Winnicki, who has recently taken to reading us and commenting on our articles (keep it coming.... they're very funny) laments the loss of freedom, and by that we mean the loss of freedom to criminally harass people:

We'd finish this post with something witty, but it's late and this writer has spent a long day on a fishing boat. Also, the WiFi I'm catching at the camp site seems tenuous at best. Make up your own funny ending. Feel free to post it below and we'll add the best ones to the article.


Anonymous said...

Not a comment to be posted, but FYI:

Anonymous said...

I've met brad love. he is a huge douche.