Monday, November 01, 2010

Winnicki Denied Entry into Mark Steyn Speaking Engagement: Throws Hissyfit

First, our Nazi friends are pretty poor when it comes to math. Thanks to our friend Louis, we were able to read the following on another Facebook profile:

Sure, he was in fourth place, if by that you mean fourth last. As in 11th place.

For those who might wish to give, "Max" (pictured here with Paul Fromm, Tomasz Winnicki, Louis Morin, Dave Ruud and Terry Tremaine) the benefit of the doubt and argue that he might be talking about some of the early returns, that's a no go too. At no time was Winnicki ever better than 10th place as results rolled in.

But we aren't here to rehash the election. Nope, Winnicki is in the news again because he was rejected. Now we're sure that Winnicki has become quite used to being rejected in numerous areas of his life, but this one must really sting.

Mark Steyn is speaking in London, Ontario tonight on the topic of freedom of speech (mostly his own and that of like minded peoples, we presume) but mostly concerning the, "dire threat" of
Islam which, due to the higher birthrate found in Muslim countries, will overrun the civilized West and put us all to the sword who do not convert. Or something like that. Really, the paranoia is a bit overwrought.

Not many were paying attention to the speech until the city of London said that, due to security concerns, they would not permit the speech to occur at the original location, though an alternative location, also owned by the city, was found to hold the event. Of course, and in spite of any actual proof, the decision was blamed on pressure from Muslim groups. Our friend BigCityLib does a pretty bang-up job of poking holes in that argument, but the accusation had the desired effect of whipping the true believers into a lather.

"How dare those Muslims prevent Mr. Steyn from speaking! This is proof of a vast, Muslim conspiracy against the righteous conservatives sounding the warning signal in their efforts to save the West from the barbarian hordes!"

Or perhaps conservatives are really shitty at organizing things? We mean, either way, right?

And now, Tommy. As a resident of London, Winnicki decided that he too would like to attend the Steyn presentation. So Winnicki dutifully sent an email request to the organizers requesting a ticket.

The response he received, well, didn't sit well with Tommy:

Of course, indignant Tommy also posted the same message on the "Strictly Right" blog (the organizers of the Steyn speech) which illicited the following, almost as brain dead, response:

One gets the feeling that these people look for Muslims under their beds and in their closets before going to sleep at night.

Ms. or Mr. "Canadian (A Real One)," if you want to learn more about Winnicki, his views and the organizations he belongs to or is associated with, might we introduce you to an obscure website known as Google?

Anyways, the Winnicki appears to have made sure that his humiliation would be read by a wider audience than those who frequent the bathroom stall that is Stormfront:

White Supremacist Banned from Steyn Speech

The group bringing controversial columnist Mark Steyn to London is on the defensive after banning a white supremacist from Monday night's speech.

Tomasz Winnicki, who ran for mayor in last week's election, says he's been denied entry to Steyn's talk, hosted by Conservative website Strictly Right, because of his controversial views.

However last month, Strictly Right blasted London Convention Centre officials for not allowing Steyn to speak at their facility, and Winnicki believes they're being hypocritical.

"I sent an e-mail saying I'd like to buy just one ticket for myself," Winnicki said. "His reply was 'Mr. Winnicki, Strictly Right does not condone or support your views and the organizations you're involved with in anyway, furthermore, our organization does not wish to have any ties to you or your activities.'"

However, Andrew Lawton, who's with Strictly Right, says a private business like theirs rejecting a customer is far different from a government owned property like the London Convention Centre doing the same.

"We made a very difficult decision, but ultimately we decided to not allow him on the premises for any situation that might arise," Lawton told AM980's McArthur in the Morning.

He also expressed there may be security concerns if a controversial person like Winnicki was at the event.

Ironically, the Convention Centre said security was a concern when asked if Steyn could speak there -- something Strictly Right claimed would not be an issue.

Up to a 1,000 people are expected at Centennial Hall -- which is also a city-owned facility -- to hear Styen speak.

His writings in MacLean's Magazine led to conflict with the Canadian Islamic Congress.

His speech is expected to focus on political correctness, free speech and Islam in the West and is titled "Head for the Hills...Why Everything in Your World is Doomed."

Steyn's appearance in London follows that of U-S firebrand Ann Coulter, who spoke at Western in March and chastised a Muslim student who challenged her views.

In response to the article Winnicki posted the following:

You know, when you are rejected by people who look up to Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant, you have to know that you're a pariah.

UPDATE 1: Wow, Tommy really is going on as if he were a jilted lover. Posted only moments ago:

You know Tommy, and we're sorry to burst your bubble here, but there is no controversy other than that which you in your delusional mind have formulated. No one cares about you and if you'll show up.

UPDATE 2: Found an article on the Steyn event. Found this to be interesting though:

About 900 people — mostly an older crowd — filled the hall, with no pre-speech protests or demonstrations.

Keep in mind that, after what we believe was a contrived controversy to drum up more publicity, the organizers believed that there would be 1000 tickets sold and that the balconies might also be filled. In the end, it was 900 people. Mostly on the elder side who tend towards conservative values anyways and who might buy into Steyn's apocalyptic, the sky is falling because of the Muslims, paranoia.

And no one bothered to even protest, including the shadowy Muslim militants deemed responsible for getting the original location to back out of the event.

We wonder if the organizers and Steyn will view this as a success or failure? Who knows.


Davegeek said...

According to Mr. Heinzheimer Winnicki is "a pollock"? So he's either a bland whitefish commonly used in imitation crab or he's related somehow to noted abstract impressionist Jackson? That's just... odd.

His ability to sling the bigoted epithets is almost as bad as his math skills.

All in all though it's pretty sad when you make idiots like "Real One", with (presumably) his at best simplistic grasp of Islamic tenets, look on the ball.

Anonymous said...

You guys see this yet?

KKK Costume Causes Outrage During Ontario Legion Contest

Might be something you'd find of interest.

Anonymous said...

You know it's bad when you're too racist for Mark Steyn

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the rest of Ontario was off voting for their favorite costume instead of listening in:

Anonymous said...

CBC News ... N.S. man guilty of hate crime in cross burning

Just FYI ... great blog guys!

Anonymous said...

Just an opinion, but regardless of Winnicki's views he should of not been disallowed to attend because of them. That is discrimination, regardless of what twist is put on it.
Thats like saying a radical Muslim cannot attend a debate about Religious Pluralism, because of his views, or oppositions for that matter.
Winnicki is a fool, so why is it such a big deal? Let him make a big deal about his small problem so we can all have something to read next week.
And to go as far as to have security? Who is really the ones looking under their beds for Monsters, hmm?
Its just easy to pick on people like Winnicki. Why don't you go after real culprits like the lefties at The Globe and Mail.
Did you see how they portrayed Nenshi when he was elected? Maybe you should focus on what the media is really shoving down our throats before you accuse a 28 year old (who reflects the likes of Will Ferrell in step brothers..) in regards to being a so-called 'threat.'
Okay I'm finished, you guys never post my comments anyways.

Anonymous said...

nothing about this yet?