Wednesday, November 24, 2010

They Miss Us

You know, it's interesting how most of the comments left for us during the last week we've been absent have been from boneheads. It's almost as if they get a masochistic thrill out of reading our articles making fun of them.

It's okay. We'll be back soon.

Fact is we made a bit of a decision to take a little bit of a break. The members of the collective have been preparing for an upcoming trip, celebrating the birth of a child, going into the hospital for minor knee surgery, and other events that have popped up. We figured that this was as good a time as any to take a mini hiatus.

However, this doesn't mean that we still aren't active.

We should be back full time again in a week or two once we've recharged our batteries.


Anonymous said...

Just FYI, the one asking for updates on the AG or Kevin "Scrotumhead" Goudreau was not from a bonehead. ;)

Anonymous said...

'A combination of browser boredom... and missing you, I SUPPOSE.

nos200 said...

Anonymous 1: You most certainly were not lumped in with the boneheads in our mind. ;)

Anonymous 2: We'll take whatever we can get. :D

Anonymous said...

"We'll take whatever we can get"

Well, you sure don't take your beatings very well. Maybe, just one day, your balls will drop and Bonnie, you will become a man.

Anonymous said...

I want to know your thoughts on theChristie Blatchford incident! Rex Murphy did a report on this for the National Post:

I would like your side of the story on this, is this something you advocate? I am University student and also a free speech advocate, and incidents like this do make me nervous. Thanks for your take

nos200 said...

Anonymous #3: Awe, we so love passive aggressive, and it is very, very cute that you still think that Jason and Bonnie have anything to do with this blog. They don't, though we're sure you won't believe us.

As for beatings, none have been attempted against us yet. If an attempt were to be made, those trying might be surprised by the outcome of the encounter.

Anonymous #4: They had the right to protest and the methods used are those that anti-abortionists use. Now, if you're asking what we would have done, simply put, we would have been okay with the speech. We would likely also have people there to see who else attended and if they had links to White Nationalists. This blog relies on freedom of speech and boneheads saying or doing stupid things, so if that were shut off, we've have very little to write about. :)