Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pro-Nuclear Vandals Strike

What we find interesting about the vandalism is the swastika. And the fact that it is backwards. Boneheads like to point out that since swastikas are backwards, that the vandals couldn't possibly be Nazis. However, we know that this is often intentionally done by boneheads as a way of diverting blame from themselves. That this swastika is also backwards is somewhat telling. Could the vandalism have been committed by a run of the mill idiot? Sure. Are we suspicious? Yep.

The nuclear debate in Peace River is no longer peaceful. Pro-nuclear vandals attacked a 40 foot trailer used by nuclear opponents to get their message out. The pro-nuclear vandals painted a swastika and profanity on the side of the trailer. They also threw Molotov cocktails (gas bombs) to further destroy the sign. (Picture below)

The damage to the sign was bad enough but the situation could have been much worse. They cut the farmer's fence along highway 743 to get into the trailer. The horses in the field could have easily got on the highway and been involved in a collision with a vehicle.

It was fortunate that the flames from the Molotov cocktail did not ignite the surrounding dry grass as the ensuing fire could have easily travelled to the farmer's home which was only 200 feet away. The fire could have spread a long way before anyone noticed as the vandals attacked during the middle of the night.

This attack on our message came a day after two nuclear opponents received a death threat because of letters they wrote to the newspapers voicing their concerns about the impact the nuclear reactors will have on their farms. The RCMP are investigating both occurrences.

Bruce Power announced they have set aside $50 million to promote this project. Grass-roots organizations and community residents have virtually no resources to publicize the nuclear information that Bruce Power doesn't want the public to know about. The trailer that was attacked by "pro-nuclear vandals" used up the majority of our resources.

Peace River residents are being asked to be the nuclear sacrifice zone for Alberta yet the local, provincial and national media have provided scant coverage of our concerns. This week, it was vandalism and death threats. Will someone have to be hurt or killed before our struggle becomes newsworthy?


Anonymous said...

Their graffiti is not aesthetically pleasing at all.

AuntieFa said...

backwards swastika = sieg fail

Anonymous said...

What, in particular, about this neanderthal goonery causes you to label it "Pro Nuclear"?

Anti-Activist, would be more defendable as a counter accusation, than "Pro-Nuclear".

Do not smear responsible believers in nuclear energy, by falsely linking them with goons who hate YOU, or your movement, or its symbols.

Anonymous said...

We are experiencing some similar behaviour here in the Nanticoke, Ontario area where Bruce Power has a bid to build a new nuke plant. Our "No Nukes" lawn signs are disappearing from private property almost as fast as we put them up.

This local newspaper article was on the front page with a large photo showing one of our supporters holding a lawn sign. The silver lining is that the theft of our signs has given us more publicity than the posting of signs has done. The pro-nukers have been exposed and denounced as anti-free speech, undemocratic, un-Canadian cowards and bullies. Our respectful, legal anti-nuke campaign will gain from their malicious actions.

Jim Elve
Grand Erie Energy Quest

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we're talking about people who say you do your activism "threw a monitor". drawing the swastika backwards is hardly a stretch.