Monday, May 04, 2009

Another Example of How the "Unenforceable" CHRT Orders Are Being Enforced

BCL has managed to beat us at our own game a few times now when covering subjects related to racist activities. The most recent example is his post detailing how Mr. Ezra Levant's and Mr. Mark Steyn's claims that section 13 is not enforceable are patently false; BCL uses the examples of Melissa Guille and Jason Ouwendyk to more than sufficiently prove that Mr. Levant's and Mr. Steyn's claims are without merit. We added to his proofs the case of Tomasz Winnicki who spent time in jail for contempt.

We would now like to up the ante as it were.

Below is a copy of the CHRC’s initial submissions in the contempt application before the Federal Court of Canada (a “real court” like the "speachies" and boneheads keep complaining about not being involved) against Terry Tremaine for his violation of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’s cease and desist order against him. In terms of the “unenforceable” of section 13, well, the Federal Court seems to believe otherwise as they have scheduled the first part of the contempt process against Tremaine for July 23, 2009 in Regina.

We've blocked out the names of the lawyers for the CHRC to prevent the crackpots can't harass them. No conspiracy here Jay Currie so you needn't worry your pretty little head over it.

Your move, BCL. ;)

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