Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Memories Come Flooding Back: Nazi Watch Canada Active Once More

We have some very fond memories of Nazi Watch Canada. In fact one of our main contributors used to write for that particular blog. The folks at NWC began their blog in response to a Canadian version of Redwatch posting information on anti-racist activists and after OdinPatrick, Canadian moderator on Stormfront, outed an anti-racist in Halifax.

If the struggle between NWC and Canadian Redwatch were compared to that of a boxing match, NCW would have been Joe Louis and Canadian Redwatch would have been a blind puppy with only one leg.

Eventually, Canadian Redwatch was convinced of the wisdom of shutting down operations. NCW, magnanimously, also put their blog on ice with the caveat that any effort to revive Canadian Redwatch would be met with the reactivation of Nazi Watch Canada.

Guess what happened?

So now the folks at Stormfront have their undies all in a bunch and are trying to figure out ways to get the site shut down:

Isn't it interesting that "free speech" advocate Paul Fromm is pushing for NWC to be shut down? Of course we all know that Fromm really isn't in favor of free speech for everyone. No, he expects to be able to permitted to speak (and write) freely about "the usual minority termites" as well as to defame individuals such as Richard Warman with impunity. But the moment someone has the temerity to call him and the people he hangs with on their bs, well, we can't allow THAT to happen, now can we?


TorontoSHARP said...

"Stuyff"? All this time I've been spelling it "stuff". Thank you Paul for showing me the right way to spell it.

Anonymous said...

Amusing that they are all calling for action on hateful, or threatening very backwards for them.

Anonymous said...

anyone notice paul has a quote by himself as his signature

Anonymous said...

That's lamer than giving yourself a nickname